Thursday, December 29, 2011


Soooo I went to Chicago a couple weeks ago and it was so fun and beautiful and magical and COLD! But still such a great getaway. Sorry for all the pictures that will be in this post. We had so much fun! Our favorite Rebel family/adopted sisters Aubrey and Gentry joined us for the weekend. They moved to Nashville this summer so it was so great to be with them again! Here's what we did in the windy city...

SEARS TOWER (really called Willis Tower but who cares about that)
We had the most beautiful weather this day- cold but sunny and clear, which is more than we could've asked for! From the top of Sears Tower you can see 4 states and the whole city. They have these glass pods that you can go in and see underneath you... super creepy but so fun! Loved this place.

There's this huge metallic bean in Millennium Park and I don't know why but I'm obsessed with it. I think it's the coolest thing ever. I flew in later than everyone else because I had a final, and my sweet cab driver took me on a little tour of the city on the way to the hotel and he made sure that I looked closely at the Bean and you can see the whole city reflected in it... it's awesome. Probs one of my favorite things about Chicago. And when you take a picture of your reflection, you look like a midget.

Guess what? I'm the world's worst ice skater. The good news is, so are Aubrey and Gentry. We are AWFUL. I held Aubrey's hand the whole time and my dad had to drag us around but it was SO fun! Even though it was freezing outside and a little crowded we had a blast, although I probably won't be ice skating anytime soon, at least not in front of people. I probably need private lessons or something.

Obviously the reason we went to Chicago in the dead of winter was to see this game! And it was worth it. The boys played probably their best game all season and it's always fun to beat someone in front of all their fans! The United Center is awesome and huge. There's a big MJ statue at the entrance and I attempted to take a picture of his jersey in the rafters... so legendary. It was a really cool environment and thanks to my job/one of the wonderful staff members, we had the best seats in the house. I love my rebs!

Other things we did: Ate the best hot dogs and fries ever, did lots of shopping, met the love of my life Laurent at Niketown Chicago, ate the best pizza ever, spent lots of time in my favorite Topshop, ate the best breakfast ever, had great encounters with sketchy drivers, went to Navy Pier, drank lots of starbucks. Basically just shopping and food.

I need to go back to Chicago in the summer!

we're #1!!

Okay so I'm super late on this but it's okay. The Rebels beat #1 North Carolina! And it was the most exciting thing, like, ever! Over a month later and I still get super excited about it. Working at the basketball office has definitely shown me the other side of things, and I see every day how hard these guys work. I'm so so proud of them. I didn't know how to react at the end of the game... I just kept thinking that it was all a dream or something! I know people probably think it's dumb but it's a day I'll remember for the rest of my life. We're doing big things this year, people! Watch out!

We had amazing seats, like 3 rows up. I had to arm wrestle Jessica for the rights to the good seats, and I'm happy to report that I won. It was SO worth it! Seeing the boy's reactions was so fun!

Ignore how close this picture is and just look at the scoreboard! Crazy!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

I've been thinking about writing this post for a few days now, but I was a little hesitant. It's one of those situations where you don't really know your particular place, but you want to do everything you can. So I figure that sharing my memories, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, might help me feel like I'm doing something.

I'm pretty sure I've known the Schlauders my whole life. My earliest memory with Ally is going over to her house to swim with my cousins, who are also her cousins, when I was about 5. I don't really know what happened on that day, but we've been best friends ever since. The Schlauders lost their beautiful, sweet daughter Leah this week. I always remember thinking that Leah was so gorgeous and glamorous and just everything you admire about an older girl when you're a little girl. I remember when me and Ally would sneak into her room to look at all her pictures and just imagine our lives as cool as Leah's. After she graduated from hair school, she became our family's beauty expert. I think Leah did my hair for every event in my adolescent life- middle school graduation, family pictures, and every dance I ever went to. Me and Ally would go over to her house on the day of the dance and she would do our hair and makeup and just laugh with us about how excited we were. She was so fun! I loved seeing her at the salon because I always knew that she would make me laugh and talk about any high school drama that was going on. She was the best. I haven't seen Leah in many years, but whenever I look at the family picture that hangs by our front door, I think of her because she did my hair in this crazy crisscross part that I loved. I feel so blessed to have known Leah and her wonderful smile and sense of humor. I'm so blessed to have had the Schlauder family in my life for all these years. They've been such a great example of what family should be- eternal, everlasting, unconditional. I hope they know of my love for them.

I have a hard time understanding why things like this happen. Life isn't fair, and we are reminded of that so often. But as I was sitting at her funeral today, listening to all the beautiful things that her friends and family had to say about her, I was reminded of how lucky I am to have the gospel in my life. I can't think of anything more depressing that thinking that you won't ever see the people that you love after they've left this life. I'm so grateful to know that families are forever! Isn't that what it's all about? Everything we try to do, everything we work for, comes down to that fact: we all want to be together in the end. I feel so blessed to know that.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Al Pal!!!

Ally is home!!!!
How exciting. I'm seriously so stoked. I love this girl to death! She's been there for me through everything... literally since birth. I can't think of anyone who better defines the word "friend". She's the most selfless person I know and she's wanted to serve a mission her whole life. And now she's done it and she's back! I've been so blessed to have the most incredible friends. Being with her and Courtney, 2 returned missionaries, all weekend has been so great for me. I feel so renewed! I don't know why these girls are friends with me, because I am so so SO far down from their level. I love them so much! And of course I haven't uploaded pictures from the airport yet sooo... I stole this one from Grama Linda. Of course I'm not looking at the camera, but enjoy all my pretty friends!

Oh and here's some oldies.


Saturday, October 22, 2011


I believe a photo booth is completely necessary for a wedding. Personal opinion, I suppose. Behold: Smilebooth. Jake and Sarah had it at their reception and it was so fun and cute. You could take and many pics as you want and they show up online a few days later to download for free. Genius! Did I mention I loved this wedding?

If you know my family, you know the meaning of diva mom. She's adorable.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

these minor details

Life as of late:
I finally made my way up to Provo to see my pals that I miss SO much. And I finally got to see my little Brittan's cutest store ever, Maddux Couture! Even though they're moving so it's closing. But it was just so fun and I got so proud of her when I drove by and saw her cute sign and everything.

I'm slightly obsessed with everything about Jake and Sarah's wedding. It was SO cute and fun and just fit their personalities so perfectly. I can't wait to see all the pictures!
OH GOODNESS i just realized that I forgot to mention that we saw Color Me Badd at the JT concert. Ahhh they were so great and if you ever watched Beverly Hills 90210 and saw the episode where they tried to sneak into their hotel, you will appreciate this. Now go download "All 4 Love" and relive the glory days of the 90s.
I have a shopping problem.
It's almost bball season!! I'm so excited. Especially now that I feel like I have a personal connection with this team- the boys are awesome. They're always so friendly when they come into the office. And I can't stress enough how amazing this coaching staff is. They are such good people and I truly love working for them. Now I can't wait to shock the country with this team! It's gonna be crazy!
I can't even see my desk because its completely covered with junk and I don't know what to do about it. Swedish fish, old school nike sweatbands, 800 bottles of nail polish, 7 magazines, headphones, thank you cards, makeup... where do you put all this stuff?!
I bought this ridiculous cobalt blue blazer from H&M that I'm dying to wear to work but I'm afraid that everyone will think I'm nuts because they all dress so conservatively. Therefore, I must find an event to attend where a cobalt blue blazer would be perfectly appropriate.
Did I mention that I'm going to Chicago in december?! So. Excited. Now I must find good cold weather outfits.
And last but not least, I am completely and utterly in love. Unfortunately, he is not a male model/doctor/professional athlete perfect 6'5 man, but my precious wittle nephew Sawyer.

But, if you do happen to find that guy, please send him my way.


my 11 year old dreams halfway came true!

Tween Alyssa was definitely a fan of boy bands. Okay, adult Alyssa is still a fan of boy bands, but that's besides the point. Tween Alyssa loved Nsync the most, but also enjoyed a little BSB and 98 Degrees. I found it really funny when a guy came in to Nike the other day looking for some flashy shoes for his crazy Vegas wedding. I thought he looked a little familiar, but didn't really think too much about it. Then one of my coworkers noticed that he had a 98 Degrees tattoo on his arm- weird right? What grown man has a 98 Degrees tattoo? Then it dawned on me- this guy was actually IN the band, so he had a pretty good excuse. I think 12 year old Alyssa would be very proud that she would grow up to help Jeff pick out his some snazzy Air Force Ones for his wedding, thank you very much. And in case you want to see who I'm talking about, here he is, with the perfect shoes of course!

And just a fun fact... he's currently in town doing a special guest run with the Chippendales. So there's that.

That was cool, but this was cooler. I LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE in case you didn't know. I wish I could find the picture of me going to my first concert- NSYNC, complete with a sassy little t shirt. I've always been a Justin girl (Shoutout to my BFF Jackie- she was a Lance girl. We all know how that turned out... sorry bout it, J). Those blond curls just got me from the very first time I laid eyes on them when they had a concert on Disney Channel. A few years ago my dad and sister got to meet him at the golf course and I'm still bitter that I didn't get to go because, seriously guys, I love Justin. He is the total package. Now let me get to the point of this- I finally got to see Justin with my own eyes! SWOON! It was truly a huge moment for me. The only thing that could have made it better is if he had actually sang!!! Seriously Justin, this whole acting thing is cool and all, but I really miss that sweet falsetto. Please bring the sexy back again. I wish it never left.

Explanation: Padre had so much fun in my world at iheartradio that he wanted to bring me to his and so we went to the Justin Tibmerlake and Friends Old School Jam at planet hollywood. SO. FUN. I love old school as much as the next guy. We had seats in the 4th row and it was just so delightful. And here's who we saw:
Justin and Wayne Brady

Excited Justin

Justin's Sexy Back (2 sexyback jokes in one blog... that's pushing it. Sorry guys.)

Okay okay okay I know all this justin talk is probs so annoying. There were other people there too, promise.
I forget this guys name but he sings that classic 90's song I've got the power- and he was fantastic. This was probably the biggest show he's done in YEARS so naturally he picked out his best outfit.

Sister Sledge aka the peeps who sing We Are Family. They were fun and brought this tranny guy/girl on stage for a dance contest that was the funniest thing I've seen in years!

Sugar Hill Gang- the true fathers of hip hop and also amazing because they opened for Nsync at my very first concert! Padre and I agreed that they were our favorite. They just don't really like to stand together and so I only got a pic of this guy

EARTH WIND AND FIRE omg I love them so much. This is the music I grew up on. My dad would play them every morning when he drove me to piano lessons and they just bring back so many fun memories and all their songs are such classics! Seriously if you don't like EWF I don't like you. This guy in the white shirt is my favorite, as you can see his sparkly fringe pants were THE most and he just had this huge smile on his face the whole time like he just loves what he does! I love that.

This crazy man Charlie Wilson who I didn't like at all, he was super annoying. But his suit was pretty fly.

We also saw like 2 minutes of Vanilla Ice and then diva mom wanted to go because it was well past midnight and nothing good happens after midnight. So basically it was so so fantastic to see Justin and hear his witty little comments and see his handsome face but I really really wanted him to sing. Next time!


Thursday, September 29, 2011


My padre is the best.
Have I ever mentioned that?
There are many reasons why, but this particular one involves him randomly looking on the internet for last minutes tickets to the sold out Iheartradio festival at the MGM Grand. He found 3-perfect for him, me and little Boots. He found them at 5:30, and the concert was at 7:30. It was the perfect spontaneous friday night activity!
Not many dads would be up to taking their daughters to a very loud concert with music they aren't really familiar with. Most dads wouldn't barter with scalpers when our ticket contact didn't show up, which ended up being a great thing because we were able to get awesome seats. Most dads wouldn't be listening to Jay-Z all day, everyday after seeing him at the concert.

And of course, my pictures didn't turn out great. And half of them were mysteriously deleted when I tried to upload them on my computer. But for memories sake, here's who we got to see:

Black Eyed Peas- SO fun, perfect way to open the show, did all their good songs, confetti in the air. Oh and we saw Fergie's husband, Josh Duhamel. He's way too handsome for her.

Ryan Seacrest was the host- love him.

Kelly Clarkson. She was really good and singing Since U Been Gone brought back lots of HS memories!

Bruno Mars- His voice is amazing! I get really annoyed because his songs are constantly on the radio so I can't really listen to him but he was awesome. And he sang this Amy Winehouse song that I LOVE and it was just perfect!

CARRIE UNDERWOOD (!!!!!)- I'm obsessed. Seriously, I need to go to her concert, stat. Her voice is to die for and she is so perfect and gorgeous. Can you tell that I love her? Seriously, I was singing at the top of my lungs the whole time and everyone around me thought I was crazy because they were all there for Jay Z, not Carrie. And this is also the point where my pictures got deleted so all I have left are crappy phone pictures... sad face.

Coldplay- Let me just tell you that Coldplay blew my mind. I wasn't even a fan and now I'm obsessed. They are so entertaining and talented and I will definitely go to one of their concerts. And they played Fix You, which is one of my fav songs ever. Do yourself a favor and go download their new song Paradise. No good pictures of them but they were by far my fav of the night!

Alicia Keys- She has a beautiful voice but I'm not really into her. She's really pretty tho.

And last but not least...
JAY Z aka HOV aka H to the Izzo aka the best rapper alive.

My dad didn't know I like rap... does he know me at all? That's debatable. He did all his big songs and my secret anthem On to the Next One and of course our favorite part of the night... Empire State of Mind with Alicia Keys. I tried to upload a video but it didn't let me :( But how can you not LOVE that song?! Even though I was secretly hoping he would bring out his adorable pregnant wife for a song (Beyonce, for those of you living under a rock), he still brought it SO hard. Moment I will remember, for sure.

THANK YOU DAD! We had such a blast. Can't wait till next year :))))