Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm a little late on this! Thanksgiving was fab, as usual. A little different this year, but change is fun! We had our thanksgiving dinner the sunday before, and on wednesday we headed down to wonderful Anaheim, CA for a little Disneyland action. Added bonus: the Rebs were playing in a tournament at the convention center down the street. You know that combination is pretty much perfect for the Leavitt family! Disney was as good as it always is, a little crowded, but not bad for a holiday weekend. I loved hanging out with my real sisters and my pretend ones and my rebel ones, they are the best. We laugh and laugh and eat and eat and laugh some more. Thanksgiving Day feast was had at the Jazz Kitchen, and I dared to try turducken. Yeah, just figure that out. It wasn't great. Game on thanksgiving night, capped it off with a win! Rinse and repeat for Friday, but add in more great food and dippin dots at the game and I die. Don't judge me. Saturday was probably the funniest day I've had in a long time. Reader's Digest version- spent the day at Dland with my favorite rebel. Don't mind that we bonded over Space Mountain. Jessica fell in love with an Isreali and Hannah + Carlos= soulmates. Karam gets so stressed when we lose temporarily lose Hannah, but of course she's at the nearest churro stand, where else?! We celebrated Diva Mom's birthday on saturday night and walked home in the rain. A day finished with a Celebration Apple is a perfect day. Bottom line: I loved Thanksgiving. Maybe more than usual.

Thanksgiving Dinner with our favorite Grensings

Everyone loves a Rebel win!

Gentry HUMILIATED me at Toy Story. I'm humbled.

"Define Fast"

Karam <33333

Obviously they're made for each other!

Hope everyone's Turkey Day was as wonderful as mine!

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