Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I really should be doing my library research project that's due tomorrow. Naturally, I'll blog instead, even though I don't have much to blog about. I've made my triumphant return to the hotels of the Strip to babysit for the wonderful mix of foreigners that come to Vegas with their kids. I don't really understand it, but hey! It puts money in my bank. The past two weeks have been straight Aussie- as in I've had nothing but Australian families. Let me tell you, whining about bed time is SO much cuter with an Australian accent. Really, I'm convinced they make the cutest kids. This influx of Oz has also made me realize something significantly lacking in my life: I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Every single family that I've had in the last little while has just raved about the greatness of the Grand Canyon and are positively shocked that I live so close and haven't been there. Here's the honest truth: I have absolutely NO desire to go there... sorry, foreigners. I know its a wonder of the world and all, but I'm just not in any hurry. I've seen plenty of canyons in my life, thank you. And I beat most of you Down Unders to the Great Barrier Reef, so there.
On a healthier note, I went to a great health seminar the other day on Juice Plus. I know, I know, Alyssa at a health seminar?! I think I just saw a pig fly past my window... no really, it's a miracle. And if you don't know what Juice Plus is, look it up because I can't really explain it that well. Its an amazing way to get the nutrition that your body requires from fruits and vegetables- really, the studies are amazing. I really enjoyed it. Did it get me to take my JP more regularly? Absolutely. Did it stop me from going through the McD's drive thru yesterday? Not quite... I do have my weaknesses, people. I'm a work in progress. Now if only I could get my a on the elliptical...
Lastly: I've been having car troubles. I don't like to discuss this because it gets me too heated but let's just say I've had to call AAA twice in a matter of 4 days. Not fun, my friends. Silver lining: car being in the shop= me stranded at home= my mom forcing me to do her halloween crafts for her= these cuties inspired by this amazing mom.

I think they're cute + festive.
I should probably return to my hw now.


The Wellings said...

I went through a juice plus phase! I think I was a freshman? Healthiest couple months of my life :)

Michelle said...

Love you....catching up on blogs.....You gave a shout out to JP....yea but mostly proud of you for doing a bit more for your beautiful self and your health xxoo