Wednesday, September 15, 2010

life in chocolate.

I'm sorry that I've turned into the worlds worst blogger! Really, I wish I had more time to blog. I will in two weeks. I quit my ridiculous job and I'm beyond relieved... I feel like I can breathe again! So until that job ends next week, I'll leave you with a little food love: Max Brenner. AMAZING. The restaurant is pretty much based on chocolate. The place smells incredible, and almost every dish has a little chocolaty love. The drinks are to die for. I had a banana split shake that was just divine, and the frozen hot chocolate was spectacular! I'm running out of adjectives and I'm not even at the appetizers. The macaroni and cheese- best I've ever had, hands down. I had these thai chicken stick things that were super satisfying. And then we get to the desserts. Oh, the desserts. I LIVE for Max Brenner desserts. We had an assortment of fondue, smore's with a little flame where you roast your mallows, dessert waffles, and a sundae. EVERYTHING was perfect. I've never tasted better chocolate fondue in my existence. Have I convinced you to go yet? Because you really should. I probably ate my body weight, but that's okay! In one of the pictures you can clearly see that I'm storing some food in my cheeks like a chipmunk. Hey, why not save some for later?! I heart you, Max.



Brittany Seager said...

i think i just drooled a little. where is this place!?

Alyssa Joy said...

forum shops! Its incredible!