Sunday, September 26, 2010

i'm baaaack!

This is me these days.
Newly free from crazy employment, and super excited about it. Everything turned out just the way I hoped it would!
I just painted my nails. I NEVER paint my nails. If they get even one tiny little chip, I'm done for! How long will these ones last?
I really really really wanna go to Usher & Trey Songz in November. Anyone wanna go with me?
Speaking of November... I can't wait. For Thanksgiving. Disneyland & Rebs, who could ask for more?
The new Forever 21 at the Fashion Show is awful. And by awful, I mean awful for my wallet. I literally cannot go in there and not walk out with something. Terrible, terrible.
It hit me last night that some of my friends are moms. How crazy? When did we get old enough to have our own children? It's funny how we all used to be in the same place in life and now everyone is everywhere.
Speaking of babies... I cannot WAIT for my little king charles to enter the world in December! We call him Charlie. Brother and sister in law won't tell us any names yet, so it's charlie/king charles for now.
Speaking of babies again... my cousins had the cutest baby I've ever seen. Really, Reese just came out sooo beautiful and I die for all the cute pictures of her! I can't wait to meet her in person!
I lowkey miss my little sister (you better read this because I'll never say it in person)
I love school and having a class with my cousin Jake and Sadie. They're cool.
I love institute. Who woulda thought??
I love getting emails from Courtney and Ally every week. I miss them more.
Super excited for bball season to start!
Me and Mom went to a little bball event for women last week... we love all our Rebel family. They are so sweet and funny and it still surprises me when Coach remembers my name. Don't worry, me and Kori dipped when they forced us to do a layup line in front of the whole team... I just couldn't do it. Other than that, we had a blast!
Can't wait to see some long lost friends at Trevor and Jordans wedding next week. Yay for reuniting!



Brittany Seager said...

you should forward me ally and courtney letters (if they are just he fam ones) lol not if they are personal. i would love to hear from them. Also do you have their address? one of my friends from college just got home from houston and ally was her last comp! crazy and SMALL world!

sadie bunker said...

aw, i love having class with you too :) actually, i hate that class, but i like sitting next to you for 3 hours every week!

Alec and Tiffany said...

Lys, I love you and your blog posts! You are so dang sweet. Reese is dying to meet you! We will be home for Thanksgiving, so plan to party with us. Or better yet, come visit!