Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm obsessed with mexico. sorry bout it.

I'm pretty sure mexico trips have taken this blog hostage. Whoops! Oh well, there's some great pictures that go along with it. Let me just say that I love this place. It's so relaxing and nice to not really do anything. I love that. I love that we have our little places we always go and people we always see. I love that it makes you appreciate small things like normal grocery stores and the ability to walk around without being gawked at (and no, I'm not bragging about that... I'm 6 feet tall, blond and blue eyed... I stick out like a sore thumb in this place).
We had lots of adventures this time. We rode horses on the beach. My horse was named Mancito, but I re-named him El Diablo because I'm pretty sure he was possessed. He took off running at top speed and I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes! It was TERRIFYING. The Mexican cowboys thought it was hysterical, of course. I'm sure it was quite the sight to see, me screaming at the top of my lungs as El Diablo dashes down the beach. The plus side is that we met the most adorable little mexican boys, Esteban and Geraldo. Fash bought them all candy and they were probably the happiest ever.

We also ventured to Ensenada for the afternoon. Even though we got lost and it took a little bit longer than expected, the drive was soooo gorgeous. We stopped at a 7-11 to get directions and while we were there, a traveling circus just happened to pull up right next to us with some panthers and weird baboons. Only in Mexico, right? We went to the famous blow hole. It was pretty cool. Isn't it amazing that nature just does weird things like that? Its fascinating to me! At the blow hole there's a bunch of shops and stuff, and there just happened to be a booth supporting the local zoo where you could hold baby tigers and lions. Of course we had to do it! Let me tell you, this baby tiger was the cutest, but he was not very happy! I snapped at me a couple times, but I still loved him. I never was good with animals anyway.

Pretty much we had an awesome trip. We always do, don't we? When the construction gets done, it will be even better. I want to bring everyone down to enjoy it. Let's all go.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

i know, i know.

I need to blog. But I have no time. zero. nada.
Except maybe this weekend, my last weekend of freedom before I start my new job, which I am trying really hard to not view as a form of slavery. Because it's not. It's a great job. I don't know why I'm dreading it. HELP ME, I'm usually the most positive about these things and I'm dying here. More on that later though. When I actually have time to blog.
Until then, get excited for the following: another trip south of the border. a near-trampling horse incident. a days journey to the city of angels for a once in a lifetime opportunity. car services, trains, and cab rides. 2 hours in the happiest place on earth. a new school. a new job. a new life. a new me? Sorry for that bit of cheese.
Here's a picture to tide your excitement. Why am I holding a baby tiger? I guess you'll have to wait to find out! That is, if anyone even reads this thing anymore. Don't give up hope on me.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Shout out to my fantastic fash and his big 4-8! I love love love this guy. More than I can express.
Shout out to the peeps that stole Yase's truck at 7:45 in the morning... dbags. Thanks for leaving it at the lakes so it can be returned to it's rightful owner. You suck.
Shout out to all ya'll living in gated and guarded communities... I hope your neighborhood has better luck than ours!
Shout out to the woman I nannied for at Encore last week... thanks for the generous tip and the advice that XS is the best club in the world. I aspire to be a world-class clubber like you someday.
Shout out to UNLV for finally letting me register! I'm officially a rebel.
Shout out to my girl J for finally making an appearance in the 702 and living it up with the old homies. I love you.
Shout out to Lebron James, just because I feel like I'm the only person in the world who still loves you and loves the fact that you took less money to go and play with your friends in Miami. I love it!
Shout out to San Diego/Cantamar, Mexico... can't wait to see you this week.
Shout out to the little devil child who takes swimming from me this session. You give me bruises from your pinching and I don't appreciate your screaming bloody murder like I'm trying to kill you or something... I'm only trying to teach you how to float on your back!
Shout out to Big Brother for finally getting interesting and keeping me addicted, as usual.

That's all the shout out's for today.