Thursday, July 1, 2010

one of those updates.

I was obsessed with how Melinda and Leah did my hair the other day. Leah is a wizard with a curling iron... seriously, my hair never does this! I love.
I got a new computer. I love it to death. The screen is huge and clear and magical. The only downside is transferring everything from the oldie to the new one! Why can't I just get all my music downloaded and organized and all my pictures all together like on my oldie? Because its boring and time consuming, thats why! Hopefully it'll be done by the end of this week.
Can't wait to spend next week laying out and eating tacos. Viva Mexico!!
Do yourself a favor and listen to James Morrison's cover of Man in the Mirror... so beautiful.
Speaking of Michael, I almost teared up when they were playing his songs on the radio on the anniversary of his death. So sad.
Got my first nannying job last night! I hung out with two kids at the Treasure Island and we had a blast. Watched the pirate show, played some bingo, made some paper airplanes... the usual. And I met a cute guy in the elevator on the way out. Paul from Lavo, if you happen to find this, I found your blue eyes very enchanting.
And I'm really tan from swimming lessons. Which makes me that much happier.
June, you were good to me. July, please be nice.


The Wellings said...

what is this mexico business and you're not taking me!??! traitor

The Wellings said...

Oh and you look gorg :)

Christy Orrock said...

you pretty girl <3