Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love these guys. There's something about the Beatles that just makes me happy... their music makes me smile. I love that my baby sister is obsessed with them and knows their entire history and is jealous that me and Paul share a birthday. I think every 12 year-old should have a good dose of Beatlemania in their lives. Last night I got to see Love at the Mirage and it was SO amazing! I can't say enough about it... every part of it was so creative and awe-inspiring and fun! Everyone should see it. And everyone should listen to the Beatles... you won't regret it, I promise.
P.S. We used Tix 4 Tonight for our tickets, which I would recommend. Half price tickets for pretty much every show on the Strip if you get them the night of the show!


aubrey said...

ooo we saw this over christmas last year. soo great. i am going to be in vegas soon. will you be around?

Brittany said...

two words.
elenore rigby.
love you!

Alyssa Joy said...

aubrey yes I'm here!!
And Britt.. you know I thought of you and our crazy prof's friday outfit during that song!

Brittany said...

good times my friend!!!