Wednesday, June 9, 2010

as of this moment...

I'm embracing my curls. Teaching swimming lessons and having pool hair everyday will do that to you.
I just love the bachelorette. Not Ali herself, I think she's really annoying. But all the craziness and drama and cool dates and everything... I just love it. Roberto and Kirk are my favorites.
How precious was the Glee season finale?? Me and Boots loved it.
I'm obsessed with 90210. Yes, the old series. It's sooo good and its really all I watch.
I'm turning 22 next week. Not sure how I feel about it?
Brittan has been in town! It feels sooo good to be reunited with her and Bec. We are bff's. But we miss Jack and Court and Ally a lot, too.
Remember that time I was kind of in love with Usher? Oh wait, that's right now. His new cd is sooo good. And he had a little cameo in Killers and he's really attractive. I liked that movie, by the way. Ashton Kutcher... my mom thinks he's charming.
Last night me and my mom went to JoAnns and Old Navy and In N Out. It reminded me of the old days when my parents would reward us with an Old Navy trip for good grades. I love my mama!
Yase is on the church history tour right now. Weird, because it doesn't seem like that long ago that I was on it. Ginge hasn't changed, still "no romances allowed"... riiiiiight.
This morning was probably the most traumatizing experience of my life. Let's just say I'm really really happy that my sister is alive and well and not laying dead in a ditch somewhere. I hope no one has to go through a scare like that.
Summer... I love you. My knees and ears are fried but I love the little tinge of pink in my face. We all look better with a little color, right? It's funny how every year I forget how BLAZING hot Las Vegas is. But I still love it. I'll take this blasted heat over the snow any day. At least in the heat there's no scraping the windows! I love this place.


Emily B said...

I bet you like Kirk because he looks like Kevin. That's why I like him.

Brittany Seager said...

ok i am so with you on alli. she annoys me, i liked her on the bachlor but now she is just annoying. and i hate her hair. i feel like she doesnt like get ready. jillian was my fav. i like frank and chris L and roberto. Thats so fun you are teaching swim! are you back in vegas for good? hope everything is great. and yes 90210 old season are the BEST