Thursday, May 6, 2010


Oh sweet sweet summer. I just can't wait til you officially begin... three weeks for me. Three weeks til the little kiddies set me free, even though I will miss them sooo much. Three weeks til I make my return to my beloved 702. Don't you wanna celebrate with me?! Be my friend this summer. All of you. Let's play. I'm ready to get out and live my fabulous, wonderful life in the city I love. I plan on getting real tan (thank you swimming lessons), driving with the air conditioning blasting (considering I still have the heat on here in UT), enjoying the whole fam being in LV (thanks D and Shay bear for choosing to relocate), and... schooling. Which is okay with me, I need to catch up anyways.

I was looking at my pictures from summer last year. It's gonna be way different this year.
For one, this precious bffl is spending her summer across the country in Philly, and having the time of her life. It's weird that just last summer we were meeting creepy foreigners on the strip and setting Provo on fire with our coolness and now you're married and a temporary east coaster!

Two, my favorite Courtney ever is in Ohio. I know I always say that I miss her but... I really, really miss her. And I'm super jealous that Chase may get to visit her on the CHT this summer.

Third, this fool chooses to stay in P-Town this summer. Super lame, but I love her anyways. J you best be taking LOTS of trips to LV this summer because you know we do summers right.

I'm WAY excited to reunite with Ham Ham, who always brings out the crazy in me, and Bec Bec, my favorite sassy redhead. Yay for old friends!

And I'm equally as excited to get back to one of my favorite places ever. Which has gotten a little facelift, and I'm anxious to see it. As well as eat ridiculously delicious tacos at my favorite authentic Mexican taco stand with my favorite people ever... Thriller dance included.

Summer... can't wait to reunite with you. We always have a good time. See you in three weeks?

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