Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I LOVE these guys. Let me just tell you.
Picked in preseason to finish 11th in the West... and they end up with the #3 seed.
Didn't even make the playoffs last season.
Steve Nash is 35 years old and having a career year. Oh, and he can nail threes. After getting six stitches. With one eye closed. Top THAT.
They played the Spurs in the second round. The same team that eliminated them the last 4 times they were in the playoffs. AND THEY SWEPT THOSE BEASTS.
They're all super sexy.
Jared Dudley does the coolest videos inside the locker room on his twitter. I die for them.
And did I mention that my original basketball lover plays for them? Oh Louis... you shall always have my heart. ponytail and all.

Remember when I got to live this dream? I'm still obsessed with it. Just the fact that I exchanged words with Grant Hill boggles my mind.

Next up: the hated lakers. I'm hoping for a miracle. Plus, we all know purple and orange are MUCH hotter than purple and gold.

xoxo PHX.

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