Wednesday, May 26, 2010

adios, P.

Today marks my last day in P-Town. It's back to Las Vegas I go, this time for good.
I definitely need a little change, and a move to warmer weather and familiar faces is just perfect for me.
Things I will miss about Provo:
-The green mountains
-Burgers Supreme
-Pizza Factory
-My awesome ward
-My little kindergarteners :((((
-My precious apartment
-Being hundreds of miles away from my parents (Love you momz and fash!!)
-Nertsy with J and B and Muel

Things I will NOT miss about Provo:
-My little closet
-Mariah Carey roommate, even though we recently bonded
-Couple City at all times
-BYU fans
-Being hundreds of miles away from my parents
-the sausage fest that is Belmont

Oh, Provo. We had some good times while it lasted. I'll probably miss you a little... but let's face it, we both knew our relationship would never last.

Las Vegas: Can't wait to reunite. Leave the lights on for me.


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