Thursday, April 1, 2010

lashes. surprises. family.

Today I got some dramatic new eyelashes. I love love love them. My friend Brittan is the best.
My wonderful father took his 3 favorite children to the Sweet 16 in Salt Lake last weekend. We had a blast!! 3 epic games resulting in an underdog going to the final 4. So inspiring. So Fun. And I got to meet a very very handsome boy who shall remain nameless. Just trust that he is indeed very very handsome.
We also did lots and lots of shopping!! Luckily the weather was beautiful so we had a nice day at the Gateway and the rest of downtown. Lots of food too... I mean come on, we're Leavitts. It's all about the food!
We threw a surprise birthday dinner for Jessica! And boy, was she surprised. We arrived at Tucanos where 16 of her closest BYU friends were waiting in a back room... it was so funny. She had NO idea. Shoutout to my homegirl Yarm for organizing and spreading the word! We're good.
This morning I woke up to my door tied shut. Happy April Fools from the roommate. Thanks for making me late to work :)))
I definitely got kicked in the shins today by a kindergartener. He was mad that I wouldn't let him use his backpack to surf around the halls. I'm pretty sure he left a bruise, but that's okay. He's real cute.
My mom and little boots were here for a few days and we had soooo much fun! More shopping. More eating. A couple movies. A little hot tub. Oh, and my mom's tires on her new Denali got slashed. Salt Lake is real hardcore like that. They just left yesterday and I miss them already! And my mom introduced me to the magic that is melatonin. I've been sleeping amazingly ever since.
Have I ever mentioned how much I loooove Nordstrom Rack? Seriously. I get all my jeans there. I found a couple shirts and some sweats there this weekend. And the cutest coach shoes for 30 bucks. I LOVE. Shopping's always fun when you find things on sale.
Moral of the story: It was a good week. But now all I ask is that Spring comes quickly. I'm done with this snow business.

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