Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Currently watching: The Hills. Note to blog readers (if you're out there at all): If I ever talk about getting plastic surgery done, please slap me. Because Heidi Montag looks straight up ridiculous. Why anyone would want to look like they're literally made out of plastic is beyond me.
Currently doing: A secret project. I love surprises!
Currently eating: A jar full out unwrapped Smarties. They are SO good to me right now but the trouble is... they are right next to me at all times. So I eat them. Not very smart.
Currently loving: the fact that I'm done with school for the semester. That means I can come home from work and take long naps and not even feel bad about it! Oh how I love to sleep. I remember when I saw Twilight I hated the part when Edward says that vampires don't need to sleep... how terrible is that?! I would HATE not sleeping! Wouldn't you get bored if you were awake 24 hours a day?? Can I get an amen??
oh, and I love the cowboys on the Amazing Race.
Currently reading: nothing. I need a good read. Any suggestions?
Currently looking forward to: This weekend! Family getting together in Cedar City for my brother's graduation. I'm super excited to see my most favorite sister in law and just hang out. I love family.
Currently counting: down the days till I get to move home! I can't wait. I love Vegas. Provo has been good to me but I need to get out for awhile. Just a little change of scenery. If you're in Vegas this summer, be my friend :)))
Currently missing: My most favorite missionary Court Court. I miss her SOOO much. And I haven't heard from her in months so I'm checking the mail daily in anticipation!!
Currently admiring: My Al Pal. She had her farewell here on Sunday and gave a truly amazing talk. It was one of those where she said everything in such a clear and relatable way that you just felt so good about the message she was giving. And she definitely said some things that I needed to hear. I love her!!!
Currently listening: to nothing. I'm in desperate need of some new music. Suggestions are totally welcome!!



Trent said...

already been through the Hunger Games? You might like Graceling. Not sure what kind of genre tickles your fancy, but those are ok.

Alyssa Joy said...

Hunger Games is for sure on my list!

Erin Camp said...

Graceling is ok - but Fire (the book after/but a prequel) is great. Yeah. Need to know what genres you like......

Brittann Benson said...

plastic surgery is totally acceptable. just not 50 nose jobs, and boobs way way way too huge for a tiny body!

Emily B said...

Did you read Lindsay Leavitt's book? I'm in the middle of it right now, and it seems pretty fun so far. And although I don't comment very much, I am a faithful reader of your blog.

Alyssa Joy said...

yes haha I read it in one day and loved it! I'm pretty open to any genre, just not really fantasy... harry potter is about it for me in that department.