Monday, April 12, 2010


Busted window, that is. On my little Vue.
Sitting in my driveway at home in Vegas. Some d-bag decided they want my purse. Which I left in the front seat... so I guess it's kinda my fault but still. People shouldn't bust other peoples windows. Luckily, there was only about 15 bucks in my wallet! No debit card or checks or anything else like that. But there was my camera and my wonderful baby ipod that has been my BFF since senior year of high school. Let me just tell you: It's not very fun waking up to your father asking you if you had anything valuable in your car... luckily it didn't get stolen, which was my first thought. But I must be living right because later that day, some guy (named Dan Scott, how appropriate right, one tree hill fans??) found my precious purse in his backyard and turned it in to the police, who were so kind as to bring it back to the house. YAY!! I got my purse back, I don't have to get a new drivers license, they didn't even discover the credit card in the back of my wallet, I don't have to replace my favorite lip gloss, and they left me the foreign currency that I have left over from trips to Australia and Europe. Score.
I'm would've taken a picture of my window (or lack thereof) and the deathly trail of glass all over the driveway, but unfortunately my camera and ipod are currently in said d-bag's possession. No camera= no pictures. Oh, and RIP iPod, I hope this fool enjoys your wonderfully random music selections and hot pink and green cover. Or not.