Wednesday, April 21, 2010

3 Musketeers.

Summer of 2008. I moved in directly across from my 2 BFFs, Courtney and Ally. One day, Ally comes rushing in, excited as ever. Why? There was a HUGE thunderstorm going on- we're talking POURING rain, mini floods, lightning, everything. The kind of storm that really only comes along every once in awhile. Ally loves the rain probably more than anyone I have ever met/will ever meet. She of course talks me and Court into putting on some sweats and going out to play in the storm. I remember this day so clearly. We were laughing hysterically while frolicking in the Belmont parking lot in the kind of rain that no one wants to get caught in... no one but us, of course. Luckily our friend Clark was outside to capture some pictures of the 3 crazy girls in the rain... they're probably two of my favorite pictures ever.

I woke up to a thunderstorm today. Of course I immediately thought of my fellow musketeers. They amaze me. Courtney is currently serving a mission in Kirtland, Ohio... probably the hottest visitors center missionary of all time. Ally is leaving in May to serve her mission in Houston, Texas. I'm sure she'll plenty of cowboys will fall in love with her while she teaches them the gospel. How did I get so lucky in the friend department?

Al Pal and Court: I love you guys. Can't wait for more storms together. Swords up, beanies on, all for one and one for all!!
XOXO, Lyss


Grama Linda said...

I love The Three Musketeers!! You three are the cutest and each one of you are lucky to have each other! I love the rain pics...I love you.

...m a n d i ... said...

alright sounds like the weirdest thing ever! But i'm wondering how you do something on your blog! Can you e-mail me? Thank you!!