Monday, March 1, 2010


I have a new roommate. Her name is Shannon and she is the nicest person, possibly ever. So genuinely kind and sweet. She reminds me alot of my sister in law Shay. She's been through a lot and I think she'll be able to teach me some things. And be my good friend. Oh, and she makes up for all the crazy that my other roommate throws at us on a daily basis... but that's another story for another time.
I need new music. Open to suggestions.
I need new eating habits.
I have a new appreciation for chicken flavored rice-a-roni... yum. I may or may not eat it almost every day.
Going on a field trip tomorrow with the kiddies to see a play. We have to walk to the theater so pray for some good weather!
Speaking of the kiddies, I love them. And I have a new appreciation for people who go into special education. I have to help out an autistic boy in the afternoon class sometimes and he is the sweetest but it takes a lot of patience.
I'm already craving a vacation. And spring.
I can't wait to go home for the mwc tournament next weekend!! Go rebs!
I saw the movie Valentine's Day. Twice. Don't judge me... I kind of loved it!
I need some new books to read. I miss reading.
I want to go everywhere. Every time I see some new place on tv, I just wanna go there. They went to St. Lucia on the Bachelor and it looked beautiful. I still really really wanna go to Greece. I'm jealous that Yarmington is going to Africa this summer. And I want to do the Amazing Race, but I have a feeling the lack of sleep wouldn't work well with me. Lets plan a trip please!

Oh and I really miss this.
Everything about it. I wish my hair was still that long and dried like that. I miss kori sosososo much. She knows and appreciates the real me. And of course I miss this place. Oceanside, you have my heart!

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The Wellings said...

disneyland reunion? We need a girls reunion trip STAT! me, you, ham, jac (whoops), brit, bec, and any other friends we can scrounge up! p.s. nobody even reads my blog anymore i think i might delete it. :(