Thursday, February 18, 2010

relaxation at it's finest.

This past weekend: San Diego/Oceanside.
I experienced a new airport: Long Beach. Super old school. Baggage claim was outdoors. So were the gates. Weird, but kinda cool throwback vibe.
Javiers. Have you been there? It's INCREDIBLE mexican food. Well worth going out of your way for. There's one in Irvine and one in Newport... I suggest you get yourself down there real quick.
Read 2 whole books. I'm a speed-reader. BTW, I highly recommend The New York Mormon Regional Singles Halloween Dance (the book)... VERY entertaining. Thanks ma for letting me borrow your kindle.
Got a little color in my skin. Thank goodness... my poor epidermis has been UV free for far too long!
Ate WAY too much.
Had two wonderful breakfasts at the 101 Cafe...delish.
Had a fun little get together with cousins and friends and watched the worst dunk contest in the history of basketball.
Took a grand total of one picture... I love this woman
Fretted over trade rumors of Amare to the cavs/heat... but don't worry, trade deadline is up and he's still around! HALLELUJAH... at least for the rest of this season
Went to the rebs game... I'd rather not talk about it. Although SDSU does have fantastic kettle corn.
Literally took planes, trains and automobiles to get back to P-Town (booooo)
Sat on the backyard steps and got splashed by the crazy waves and laughed harder than I have in a long time!
Played lots of cards
Didn't worry about and thing
and loved every second of it.

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Shay said...

I am so jealous... pretty sure my skin desperately needs some california sun!! Darn all this snow:)