Tuesday, February 16, 2010

oh, weddings.

My bestest friend Brittan got married on January 2nd. We were worried about being outside in the middle of winter, but the day was SO beautiful! We didn't even need coats. She couldn't have picked a more perfect day. It was a little strange for me because I was the only one waiting outside in the lobby while all the other bridesmaids were able to go to the sealing, but no worries, my time will come soon enough (but hopefully not too soon)!! Britt looked gorgeous and we all love her husband Trevor. He's so funny and sweet and treats her like the queen she truly is :))) Her reception was unbelievable and had so many touches that are just so Brittany. I had so much fun making their wedding slideshow, which I love doing by the way, if anyone happens to need one! The wonderful Jennie Slade was the photographer for the day and took some gorgeous shots... she's very talented! Here are some of the cute bridesmaid pics... I love my friends. They are gorgeous. And I miss Courtney. Weddings are fun and marriage is great but friends, I miss you!
PS Isn't Britt's dress amazing?!

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Brittany said...

oh you vegas peeps and your GINORMOUS wedding partys haha. i didn't even know she was engagey! congrats to her! she is beautiful! and you look hot as well :)