Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sexy Suns.

I've lived a dream, my friends.
Okay, maybe I have really weird random dreams, but let me tell you, December 17th was a little slice of heaven for me.
Why? Oh, just because I flew to Portland with my bestest friend on two really funny flights next to lots of army men and a dog escaped on the flight and we walked 50 miles gate to gate in the Phoenix airport and had a very interesting cab ride in Portland.
Oh, and we also sat courtside at the Blazers/Suns game. Directly next to the Suns bench.
Like I said, dreams come true.
I love the Suns. Since Vegas has no NBA team, I reserved the right to pick my own loyalty and its whole-heartedly to the Suns. Even more now that my former Rebel love Lou Amundson plays for them... yeah, he has that girlish ponytail these days, but ooooh I still love him so.
Let me just show you how cool we were.
Warm ups. Super giddy. Amare Stoudemire gave me the nod when he was adjusting his goggles... I loved it.

Like I said, right next to the bench. Grant Hill was practically sweating on me every time out. And fun fact, the Suns coach is super funny. He made little comments to us when he would get frustrated. I officially love him!

Yeah, that's Steve Nash just walking by as we snap a picture. No big.

Taylor Griffin loved to do his stretches directly in front of us. I didn't really mind it.

Leandro Barbosa.... oh. my. gosh. He is sooooo beautiful and his outfit was perfect and Court was even attracted to him... just wow. I'm in love.

Best part of the night? The fact that this conversation happened.
Background: Last year, Grant Hill tossed a ball to Courtney during halftime warmups. She shot a 3 and airballed it. So, during halftime this time, Grant was sitting right next to us and she talked to him.
Courtney: Hey Grant, remember when you let me shoot last year? I totally airballed it.
Grant Hill: Yeah, and we lost, didn't we?
Court: Well yeah, but maybe this time I'll make it!
GH: Yeah, that's not gonna happen this year.
He pretty much blamed their lost last year on poor little Court! It was hysterical.
The game ended up being really good. PHX was leading the whole time, but Portland came back and won by 3. Disappointing ending, but it was sooooo fun and I'm SO glad we went. Oh, and Reggie Miller walked right behind me out of the arena (the back entrance, of course. Wattles do it big). Kinda cool.
Oh, and I love Court. And now she's on her mission and I already miss her alot alot alot.


Grama Linda said...

OK I am so completely jealous right now! Wow, what a cool thing to get to do. The Suns are my favorite too although I am now an inherited lover of the Lakers (that was Grami's favorite team and I am now taking that over for her) And you guys were court side... Are you kidding me?!
Really, I am so happy you got to do that (I just wish I snuck along in your suitcase!)

Paige Nelson said...

Oh my gosh stop. I am SOOOO jealous. You really were living the dream. I'm going to be thinking about this all day now. Oh and I am so happy you think Barbosa is beautiful. I totally have a huge crush on him and Landry and his brother make fun of me because they say he's so ugly. Wrong. Completely wrong. Wow. This post is just wonderful.

The ORR Family said...

I can hardly stand reading this. I've Various close on the court, by the court, player meeting experiences with my JAZZ but the dream of on the court bench seats....yet to be. YOU GUYS ROCK! Jealousy engulfs me.

ps. Good old Jaron Collins in the back of one of your pickies--Jazz alum...he has boobs.

LOVE AND MISS (and loved our lil texting during the bball game) :)