Wednesday, January 27, 2010

let's talk about me.

Hey, it's my blog, right?
Here is me these days.
-Kinda got some bummer news today: no subbing at the end of the year. They fought for me, but the state said there has to be a certified teacher in the room, so no teacher Alyssa. And the kindergarten aide is a certified teacher so they're in the process of moving me from 3rd grade to kindergarten... which requires switching my whole schedule. Luckily it still works out with school. Kindergarten will be a lot of fun, it's just that I LOVE my third graders and teachers and I'll just have to start all over with two new teachers. Oh well, everything happens for a reason, right?
-I'm antisocial/bipolar. By that I mean I don't like going out but I wish I had friends. Not that I don't have friends, I just don't have ones that aren't married/on missions. I'm not shy but I get really awkward/nervous around new people. I would definitely change that about myself.
-I heart the pure cheesiness that is the Bachelor. Jake is kinda dumb tho. I love Tenley and HATE Alli and Vienna... they both need to grow up. I thought Elizabeth was sooo gorg but weird. Loved Kathryn. Rozlyn's a skank. That about sums it up.
-Hate all things BYU, specifically bball
-Love all things Rebs, specifically bball
-What the hail did Heidi Montag do to herself? Sad sad sad. She's only 2 years older than me, ya know.
-Brittan got the most precious puppy Bora. Makes me want one/not want one.
-Can't wait to go home next weekend... but have a Super Bowl dilemma? Want to watch it in Veg but timing is off. Love the Saints.
-Can't wait to go to San Diego in two weeks!!!! Sounds like heaven right about now.
-Love cousin nights
-Love Hallelujah by Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris from the Hope for Haiti telethon. Get it, you won't regret it (that rhymed).
-I wish my body was on a better sleep schedule.
-I wish the Suns would stop blowing huge leads!
-This picture is very sexy. I love his swagger. And the fact that his arms say God's Gift. Excuse the jungle fever.

That is all. XOXO

Friday, January 22, 2010

TMI much?

So yesterday at recess some of the kids were asking me about where I've traveled and such. We all started talking about where and how far we've been across the country. This one boy Sam was telling us how he's been pretty much all over the west coast, like Arizona, California, and Oregon. Than he says, "Oh, and my mom told me that I was made in a jacuzzi in Washington, so I guess I've kinda been there too."
REALLY, SAM'S MOM? Do you mind NOT telling your 10 year old child where he was "made", especially raunchy details like the jacuzzi? Gross. But it was really funny because the kids had no idea what he meant... I'm still kind of laughing about it. And super grossed out.
Oh, the joys of elementary school.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sexy Suns.

I've lived a dream, my friends.
Okay, maybe I have really weird random dreams, but let me tell you, December 17th was a little slice of heaven for me.
Why? Oh, just because I flew to Portland with my bestest friend on two really funny flights next to lots of army men and a dog escaped on the flight and we walked 50 miles gate to gate in the Phoenix airport and had a very interesting cab ride in Portland.
Oh, and we also sat courtside at the Blazers/Suns game. Directly next to the Suns bench.
Like I said, dreams come true.
I love the Suns. Since Vegas has no NBA team, I reserved the right to pick my own loyalty and its whole-heartedly to the Suns. Even more now that my former Rebel love Lou Amundson plays for them... yeah, he has that girlish ponytail these days, but ooooh I still love him so.
Let me just show you how cool we were.
Warm ups. Super giddy. Amare Stoudemire gave me the nod when he was adjusting his goggles... I loved it.

Like I said, right next to the bench. Grant Hill was practically sweating on me every time out. And fun fact, the Suns coach is super funny. He made little comments to us when he would get frustrated. I officially love him!

Yeah, that's Steve Nash just walking by as we snap a picture. No big.

Taylor Griffin loved to do his stretches directly in front of us. I didn't really mind it.

Leandro Barbosa.... oh. my. gosh. He is sooooo beautiful and his outfit was perfect and Court was even attracted to him... just wow. I'm in love.

Best part of the night? The fact that this conversation happened.
Background: Last year, Grant Hill tossed a ball to Courtney during halftime warmups. She shot a 3 and airballed it. So, during halftime this time, Grant was sitting right next to us and she talked to him.
Courtney: Hey Grant, remember when you let me shoot last year? I totally airballed it.
Grant Hill: Yeah, and we lost, didn't we?
Court: Well yeah, but maybe this time I'll make it!
GH: Yeah, that's not gonna happen this year.
He pretty much blamed their lost last year on poor little Court! It was hysterical.
The game ended up being really good. PHX was leading the whole time, but Portland came back and won by 3. Disappointing ending, but it was sooooo fun and I'm SO glad we went. Oh, and Reggie Miller walked right behind me out of the arena (the back entrance, of course. Wattles do it big). Kinda cool.
Oh, and I love Court. And now she's on her mission and I already miss her alot alot alot.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions... I never really keep them.
Instead, I have two new mottoes for this new year... a year I'm kinda scared of, as I'm pretty much completely on my own for the first time ever. Not living with friends, not depending on anyone but myself. It's definitely new.

"You can become blind by seeing each day as a similar one. Each day is a different one, each day brings a miracle of its own. It's just a matter of paying attention to this miracle."
-Paul Coelho

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
-Mark Twain

Happy New Year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Finally, the long-awaited Normandy post.
Our day started out at 5:45 AM... or, for most of us, it was really just a continuation of the day before because we slept for maybe an hour. We went to this FREEZING train station and caught a train to a small countryside town called Bayeux, which was so gorgeous. Luckily, we picked a beautiful, clear day to go, even though it was sooooo cold. Our dear guide Oliver met us at the train station and we were on our way to Omaha Beach.

This is us at Omaha, one of the strips of beach that the US invaded on June 6, 1944. In the second picture you can see that Omaha consists of a beach surrounded by a huge bluff, which was German territory, and hence made it very easy for them to just sit up on top and mow down the Americans storming the beach. It's very humbling to think that the majority of these brave boys were just 18, only a year older than Chase. Can you imagine running off a boat, seasick and scared, only to see german guns and cannons lining the bluff right above you? Gives me chills.
After that, we went to the American Cemetery. There's a certain amount of acres that were given to America in memory of D-Day and are actually US territory. Very cool to be back in America in the middle of France.

This place was super cool. Kinda like a mini Arlington Cemetery, much more intimate. The families of the bodies they identified after the war were given a choice to either be shipped back to America or buried here, right above Omaha Beach. I think about 2,000 chose to be buried here. It was such a quiet and strangely peaceful place, and it's kind of ironically fitting that these people were laid to rest at the spot they courageously died for their country. I've never really given much thought to World War II or anything, but this place really touched my heart and made me realize what these people did so that I could have the freedom that I enjoy today. Can you imagine what would've happened had the Axis won the war? Chilling, really.

The next stop was Hok Point. It's a hill that's completely left as it was back then. There is still debris everywhere from German bunkers being blown up. There are still holes from bullets in the ground. Just 15 years ago, some of the ground sunk in and they found old German weapons still buried under the ground. It's a historical landmark, so they can't dig for more, but I'm sure there's still lots of crazy stuff down there.
Yase with an old German tank, still in the exact spot it was back then.
Old German Barracks at Hok Point
Me and Boots in a bunker

One of the coolest places we stopped was this old church. In 1999, a man came with his family on a tour and stopped at this church and he recognized it. It turns out that he and a fellow soldier made it into a medical station and saved over 80 people in that church. The Germans found them but saw that they were taking care of some German soldiers as well, so they left them alone. No one remembered this story until the man came back and remembered and showed everyone the holes from bombs still in the ceiling and bloodstains on the pews where they laid people down. Such an amazing story, it's crazy that it just recently came to light. Since then, the town made some new stained glass windows in their honor, and the man comes back every year on June 6th.

Another wonderful memory was made at this church involving me, an outhouse, and a pressing need to go to the bathroom. Really, though... a literal outhouse with a path coming down from the church. I don't think it's been used in a hundred years. Keep in mind that this church was built in the 13th century... you fill in the blanks.

Can you see that guy caught on the steeple of this other church? Okay, so he's not real, but that really did happen. The guy played dead so the Germans couldn't get him. Smart.

So this is at a old farmhouse pretty much in the middle of nowhere. See that top picture my parents are holding? I'm sure you've seen that before. Some American soldiers got ahold of a Nazi flag and had a little fun. Well, if you look closely, you can see the window behind them in that picture, which just so happens to be the same window my parents are standing in front of. Pretty cool, huh?

Our last stop was Utah Beach, another area that was stormed by American soldiers. Utah beach was much more successful than Omaha, partly because of the lack of a bluff here. And in this picture you can see Oliver... we loved him. He was super funny.

We headed back to Bayeaux, and Oliver took us to this amazing pastry shop. SOOO delicious. And the town was all decorated for Christmas and everyone was out shopping and I just fell in love. Oh, and there was a really cool old church here, too... definitely no shortage of those in Europe.

And that was Normandy! Really though, I can't give an accurate description of how awesome it really was. And I wasn't interested in going at all. If you ever have the chance to go, you have to!