Thursday, December 23, 2010

have yourself a merry one.

Hard to believe that at this time last year, I was spending Christmas Day at Notre Dame.
A lot has happened in the past year. It hasn't been the best one I can remember. Good times, bad times. Times of the most confusion I've ever had, and times of perfect clarity when I least expected it. There's been life changing decisions I've made and life changing circumstances I had no say in. Bottom line: It's been a rough, scary, exciting, crazy year in the life of Alyssa Joy. I'm grateful for everything, though. I feel just a little bit stronger than last year.
I don't find it a coincidence that we end our year with Christmas time- the time when I can be with the people that mean the most to me in the one place that will always welcome me with open arms- Home. So, even though it's hard for me to say virtually anything without sarcasm, I want to wish all my sweet friends and lovely family the happiest Christmas one could possibly have. And mostly, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you. I don't really express my emotions that much, but I hope you all know that you mean the world to me, truly, and even though it's the most cliche thing in the world to say, I wouldn't be who I am today without all of you. You've touched my heart in ways you probably don't even know.
I love you all and I hope all your wishes come true this season!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

attention world!!

I love love love this little guy SO much already. I just can't get enough of him. I'm already convinced he's the most beautiful and perfect baby ever born. Shaylee was such a champ and looked absolutely gorgeous after giving birth, I don't know how she does it! And until I get pictures from my mom, I just steal pictures from Shay. Doesn't he already have the best hair?

Aunt Alee loves you sooo much little one!



I'm a little late on this! Thanksgiving was fab, as usual. A little different this year, but change is fun! We had our thanksgiving dinner the sunday before, and on wednesday we headed down to wonderful Anaheim, CA for a little Disneyland action. Added bonus: the Rebs were playing in a tournament at the convention center down the street. You know that combination is pretty much perfect for the Leavitt family! Disney was as good as it always is, a little crowded, but not bad for a holiday weekend. I loved hanging out with my real sisters and my pretend ones and my rebel ones, they are the best. We laugh and laugh and eat and eat and laugh some more. Thanksgiving Day feast was had at the Jazz Kitchen, and I dared to try turducken. Yeah, just figure that out. It wasn't great. Game on thanksgiving night, capped it off with a win! Rinse and repeat for Friday, but add in more great food and dippin dots at the game and I die. Don't judge me. Saturday was probably the funniest day I've had in a long time. Reader's Digest version- spent the day at Dland with my favorite rebel. Don't mind that we bonded over Space Mountain. Jessica fell in love with an Isreali and Hannah + Carlos= soulmates. Karam gets so stressed when we lose temporarily lose Hannah, but of course she's at the nearest churro stand, where else?! We celebrated Diva Mom's birthday on saturday night and walked home in the rain. A day finished with a Celebration Apple is a perfect day. Bottom line: I loved Thanksgiving. Maybe more than usual.

Thanksgiving Dinner with our favorite Grensings

Everyone loves a Rebel win!

Gentry HUMILIATED me at Toy Story. I'm humbled.

"Define Fast"

Karam <33333

Obviously they're made for each other!

Hope everyone's Turkey Day was as wonderful as mine!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

i'm a pro. crastinator, that is.

Hey, world. Sorry I've been a bad blogger. Not that anyone probably cares, but there has been no record of my life since November 20th! What a travesty! Since I'm currently hardcore procrastinating for my finals this week, I can only promise a longer, more exciting update in the near future. Just think of it! Stories of a magical thanksgiving, complete with fireworks and mounds of calories and... basketball?! Tales of an exciting new job! Speculations galore on the magic that is the holiday season! Have I hooked you yet?
See you (relatively) soon!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

sweet, sweet victory.

I love a good win against a ranked opponent, Wisconsin in this particular case.

Thank you, Justin Hawkins, for the huge steal and for making your free throws. We owe you one.

Keep underestimating the Rebels, world! We'll show you.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


For an update, that is. Not a baby or anything... although my sweet nephew will be making his grand entrance into the world anytime now! SOOOO exciting, can't wait to meet this little bundle!
I have the travel bug REAL bad right now. I want to go anywhere and everywhere... I plan trips when I get bored. And it doesn't help that my sister is going on the most incredible study abroad this summer. I can't think of anything I really want for Christmas, so maybe an open-ended and destination unknown plane ticket would work? Excess marriott points, mom and dad? Just an idea :))) Applications for travel buddies are now being accepted.
My fash (dad) had gotten this new grill- I don't remember the name of it- but he is like a little kid with it. All he does is read his cookbook and think of new recipes. He's make 6 dinners in the last 2 weeks... we're talking slow roasted tri-tip, chicken and pork roast smoked on the grill, etc. AH. MAZ. ING. Tonight was homemade woodfire pizza. Unreal. Everyone is invited for dinner now.
Did I mention I got kicked out of my singles ward? Hahahaha really tho. Straight booted. Long story.
Cross your fingers for me that I get this job... If I do, I'll let you know what it is!
Aaaaand I'm in a serious music drought. I listen to the same same same stuff. But I don't like anything new? Its a problem. I don't know what to do with it. Right now I'm listening to old school Citizen Cope... takes me right back to high school. I kind of love when music does that.
I'm real real excited to spend Thanksgiving with my rebel family this year, even though we will miss being with real family. It's been an interesting year... but I think its just put everything into perspective for me. Family is more important than anything. I'm just glad that no matter what, family love is an eternal love. Nothing can break that.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

I made a little change.

Until a better picture comes along... here is slightly reddish/coppery/strawberry blonde-ish/warm-haired me. I've done the same exact color blonde forever. It was time for a change.
That's all.

Monday, October 25, 2010

fall? kind of?

Fall means that I find any excuse to wear boots. I love them. Except that I need new ones and I'm waaaay too picky to even find one pair that I love. That's just one of the many things I'm picky about, including but not limited to:
-nail polish colors
-phone covers
and much more. So if you have any cute boot suggestions, throw em at me!
Oh and I made my return to Provo this weekend. It was fun, but it just reaffirmed the fact that I most definitely made the right choice to leave when I did. Provo if fun, but I'm glad that phase of my life is over. The fall colors were beautiful, even if it was cold and rainy all weekend. We did have a pretty epic (that's another thing I'm picky about... I feel like people overuse the word epic but in this case, it's fitting) dinner at PF Changs that included not one, but two hot waiters, lots of food, free desserts, and the exchanging of phone numbers for a select few. I think it was the hardest I've laughed in awhile, thanks to KB, Jessi and Paige. I love them.
I wish I was better at taking pictures. I don't even remember the last picture I took.
I like Taylor Swift and how she puts people on blast in her songs. Dear John is my new favorite.
BBALL SEASON STARTS IN A WEEK!!!! I'm obviously a happy girl.
Disneyland this weekend. Then Disneyland for thanksgiving. It's a good thing I'm pretty sure its impossible to get too much disney, otherwise we might have a problem!
Charlie is coming so so so soon. I'm thrilled!
I'm pretty sure thats all.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

friends. real ones.

Sorry I'm a picture stealer! And that this picture is appearing everywhere but... I really just love it. Nothing makes me happier than being with these girls. There's something about them that just makes me laugh and laugh and laugh for hours. It makes me so happy that even though time and distance and marriage and babies and everything else in our lives has changed, our friendship never will. Thanks for the smiles ladies! Miss you all!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I really should be doing my library research project that's due tomorrow. Naturally, I'll blog instead, even though I don't have much to blog about. I've made my triumphant return to the hotels of the Strip to babysit for the wonderful mix of foreigners that come to Vegas with their kids. I don't really understand it, but hey! It puts money in my bank. The past two weeks have been straight Aussie- as in I've had nothing but Australian families. Let me tell you, whining about bed time is SO much cuter with an Australian accent. Really, I'm convinced they make the cutest kids. This influx of Oz has also made me realize something significantly lacking in my life: I've never been to the Grand Canyon. Every single family that I've had in the last little while has just raved about the greatness of the Grand Canyon and are positively shocked that I live so close and haven't been there. Here's the honest truth: I have absolutely NO desire to go there... sorry, foreigners. I know its a wonder of the world and all, but I'm just not in any hurry. I've seen plenty of canyons in my life, thank you. And I beat most of you Down Unders to the Great Barrier Reef, so there.
On a healthier note, I went to a great health seminar the other day on Juice Plus. I know, I know, Alyssa at a health seminar?! I think I just saw a pig fly past my window... no really, it's a miracle. And if you don't know what Juice Plus is, look it up because I can't really explain it that well. Its an amazing way to get the nutrition that your body requires from fruits and vegetables- really, the studies are amazing. I really enjoyed it. Did it get me to take my JP more regularly? Absolutely. Did it stop me from going through the McD's drive thru yesterday? Not quite... I do have my weaknesses, people. I'm a work in progress. Now if only I could get my a on the elliptical...
Lastly: I've been having car troubles. I don't like to discuss this because it gets me too heated but let's just say I've had to call AAA twice in a matter of 4 days. Not fun, my friends. Silver lining: car being in the shop= me stranded at home= my mom forcing me to do her halloween crafts for her= these cuties inspired by this amazing mom.

I think they're cute + festive.
I should probably return to my hw now.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

i'm baaaack!

This is me these days.
Newly free from crazy employment, and super excited about it. Everything turned out just the way I hoped it would!
I just painted my nails. I NEVER paint my nails. If they get even one tiny little chip, I'm done for! How long will these ones last?
I really really really wanna go to Usher & Trey Songz in November. Anyone wanna go with me?
Speaking of November... I can't wait. For Thanksgiving. Disneyland & Rebs, who could ask for more?
The new Forever 21 at the Fashion Show is awful. And by awful, I mean awful for my wallet. I literally cannot go in there and not walk out with something. Terrible, terrible.
It hit me last night that some of my friends are moms. How crazy? When did we get old enough to have our own children? It's funny how we all used to be in the same place in life and now everyone is everywhere.
Speaking of babies... I cannot WAIT for my little king charles to enter the world in December! We call him Charlie. Brother and sister in law won't tell us any names yet, so it's charlie/king charles for now.
Speaking of babies again... my cousins had the cutest baby I've ever seen. Really, Reese just came out sooo beautiful and I die for all the cute pictures of her! I can't wait to meet her in person!
I lowkey miss my little sister (you better read this because I'll never say it in person)
I love school and having a class with my cousin Jake and Sadie. They're cool.
I love institute. Who woulda thought??
I love getting emails from Courtney and Ally every week. I miss them more.
Super excited for bball season to start!
Me and Mom went to a little bball event for women last week... we love all our Rebel family. They are so sweet and funny and it still surprises me when Coach remembers my name. Don't worry, me and Kori dipped when they forced us to do a layup line in front of the whole team... I just couldn't do it. Other than that, we had a blast!
Can't wait to see some long lost friends at Trevor and Jordans wedding next week. Yay for reuniting!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

life in chocolate.

I'm sorry that I've turned into the worlds worst blogger! Really, I wish I had more time to blog. I will in two weeks. I quit my ridiculous job and I'm beyond relieved... I feel like I can breathe again! So until that job ends next week, I'll leave you with a little food love: Max Brenner. AMAZING. The restaurant is pretty much based on chocolate. The place smells incredible, and almost every dish has a little chocolaty love. The drinks are to die for. I had a banana split shake that was just divine, and the frozen hot chocolate was spectacular! I'm running out of adjectives and I'm not even at the appetizers. The macaroni and cheese- best I've ever had, hands down. I had these thai chicken stick things that were super satisfying. And then we get to the desserts. Oh, the desserts. I LIVE for Max Brenner desserts. We had an assortment of fondue, smore's with a little flame where you roast your mallows, dessert waffles, and a sundae. EVERYTHING was perfect. I've never tasted better chocolate fondue in my existence. Have I convinced you to go yet? Because you really should. I probably ate my body weight, but that's okay! In one of the pictures you can clearly see that I'm storing some food in my cheeks like a chipmunk. Hey, why not save some for later?! I heart you, Max.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

it's true, we're stars.

I am obsessed with this show.

My aunt and cousin got me fixed on it at the beach last year when pretty much every waking moment was spent on our laptops watching the live feeds. Seriously, watch one episode and you're addicted! Well this year when I was in Mexico, I got a facebook message from my cousin Tiffany saying Call me-URGENT. Don't worry, her life wasn't in danger or anything, she just got tickets to the Big Brother live show in LA the next day! This is pretty much like hitting the jackpot. Very few people actually get to go to the studio and witness a live eviction. Needless to say, I HAD to be there. It wasn't even a choice. Long story short, we jumped through many hoops to get me from Mexico to LA the next day, which included a very long border crossing and a personal driver who also worked parties at the Playboy Mansion. I can totally get us in, by the way.
I met Tiff, Janae, and Tiff's mom at CBS Studios in Studio City. We were practically first in line, it was fantastic. After a little bit of waiting they walked us all over to the actual studio where the show is filmed. If you don't know about BB, it's basically 13 people live in a house filled with cameras. They don't have tv, music, books, anything. It gets real dramatic when you have nothing to do but be surrounded by weird people, and they are the only people they see all summer. No one comes in, and one person leaves each week. The coolest part about going to the live show was that the "house" they live is inside the studio we were at! The front door was literally right behind us. So weird.
Anyways, the most wonderful and ego-boosting part about this whole experience was that when you walk into the studio, an audience coordinator seats people where she thinks they should go... aka, if you are attractive, you go in the front. We thought really highly of ourselves when we were placed in the front row, right behind where Julie Chen stands. Pretty much the best seats in the house with a lot of camera time. We rock. We got to see the most hates houseguest Rachel get evicted. Fun Facts: She has the worlds worst hair extensions, the most annoying laugh, and we hate her because she makes Vegas girls look like skanks. We were happy to see her go!
Here's some screenshots of us on the show.

And if you look close, you can see my little head right behind Rachel when she was getting interviewed.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU TIFF for sharing this experience with me!! I had such a good time!!


Monday, August 30, 2010

i'm obsessed with mexico. sorry bout it.

I'm pretty sure mexico trips have taken this blog hostage. Whoops! Oh well, there's some great pictures that go along with it. Let me just say that I love this place. It's so relaxing and nice to not really do anything. I love that. I love that we have our little places we always go and people we always see. I love that it makes you appreciate small things like normal grocery stores and the ability to walk around without being gawked at (and no, I'm not bragging about that... I'm 6 feet tall, blond and blue eyed... I stick out like a sore thumb in this place).
We had lots of adventures this time. We rode horses on the beach. My horse was named Mancito, but I re-named him El Diablo because I'm pretty sure he was possessed. He took off running at top speed and I seriously saw my life flash before my eyes! It was TERRIFYING. The Mexican cowboys thought it was hysterical, of course. I'm sure it was quite the sight to see, me screaming at the top of my lungs as El Diablo dashes down the beach. The plus side is that we met the most adorable little mexican boys, Esteban and Geraldo. Fash bought them all candy and they were probably the happiest ever.

We also ventured to Ensenada for the afternoon. Even though we got lost and it took a little bit longer than expected, the drive was soooo gorgeous. We stopped at a 7-11 to get directions and while we were there, a traveling circus just happened to pull up right next to us with some panthers and weird baboons. Only in Mexico, right? We went to the famous blow hole. It was pretty cool. Isn't it amazing that nature just does weird things like that? Its fascinating to me! At the blow hole there's a bunch of shops and stuff, and there just happened to be a booth supporting the local zoo where you could hold baby tigers and lions. Of course we had to do it! Let me tell you, this baby tiger was the cutest, but he was not very happy! I snapped at me a couple times, but I still loved him. I never was good with animals anyway.

Pretty much we had an awesome trip. We always do, don't we? When the construction gets done, it will be even better. I want to bring everyone down to enjoy it. Let's all go.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

i know, i know.

I need to blog. But I have no time. zero. nada.
Except maybe this weekend, my last weekend of freedom before I start my new job, which I am trying really hard to not view as a form of slavery. Because it's not. It's a great job. I don't know why I'm dreading it. HELP ME, I'm usually the most positive about these things and I'm dying here. More on that later though. When I actually have time to blog.
Until then, get excited for the following: another trip south of the border. a near-trampling horse incident. a days journey to the city of angels for a once in a lifetime opportunity. car services, trains, and cab rides. 2 hours in the happiest place on earth. a new school. a new job. a new life. a new me? Sorry for that bit of cheese.
Here's a picture to tide your excitement. Why am I holding a baby tiger? I guess you'll have to wait to find out! That is, if anyone even reads this thing anymore. Don't give up hope on me.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Shout out to my fantastic fash and his big 4-8! I love love love this guy. More than I can express.
Shout out to the peeps that stole Yase's truck at 7:45 in the morning... dbags. Thanks for leaving it at the lakes so it can be returned to it's rightful owner. You suck.
Shout out to all ya'll living in gated and guarded communities... I hope your neighborhood has better luck than ours!
Shout out to the woman I nannied for at Encore last week... thanks for the generous tip and the advice that XS is the best club in the world. I aspire to be a world-class clubber like you someday.
Shout out to UNLV for finally letting me register! I'm officially a rebel.
Shout out to my girl J for finally making an appearance in the 702 and living it up with the old homies. I love you.
Shout out to Lebron James, just because I feel like I'm the only person in the world who still loves you and loves the fact that you took less money to go and play with your friends in Miami. I love it!
Shout out to San Diego/Cantamar, Mexico... can't wait to see you this week.
Shout out to the little devil child who takes swimming from me this session. You give me bruises from your pinching and I don't appreciate your screaming bloody murder like I'm trying to kill you or something... I'm only trying to teach you how to float on your back!
Shout out to Big Brother for finally getting interesting and keeping me addicted, as usual.

That's all the shout out's for today.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

J. Bieb vs. Khloe

When I was 11, my parents surprised me with tickets to an Nsync concert. Needless to say, I was seriously obsessed with these boys and pretty much died when I found out I got to see them live. Dream come true! I even wore my favorite cheesy Nsync t-shirt and had the grandest time.
So, I kind of got to re-live that fabulous time in my life last night when I escorted my baby sis to the Justin Bieber concert! Despite the most ridiculous line I've ever seen and a poorly-organized theater, it was fantastic. Sean Kingston rocked it, me and boots were dancing the night away! Even though I don't think he really sang live at all... oh well, loved him. Then it was time for The Biebs... I don't think I've ever heard more piercing screaming then when the lights went down and his set started. Aren't 13 year old girls the best?? JB killed it! LOVE him, even though he is teensy and still pre-pubescent. He is the biggest flirt ever and managed to get every little girl, big girl, mom... you name it, to fall in love with him! I officially have Bieber Fever. Hannah was going crazy. It was a great moment. Of course my camera died right when the show started, so I barely got any pictures!

Now, on the flip side, I was kinda bummed that I had to miss the Team USA scrimmage at the T&M. I love those things. The fam went there while we were at the concert, and I got a text with this picture from my Dad about halfway through:

Yes, that's my little brother Yase, not only looking super high, but next to the one and only Khloe Kardashian!!! If you know me, you know I LOVE Khloe. All Kardashians, really. Go ahead, call me shallow, but that is my guilty pleasure! She was there to watch her husband Lamar play for Team USA and the boys got to meet her. I'm seriously SO sad that I missed out on this. And they said she was super nice.
Moral of the story: Sometimes you get the Biebers, other times you get the Khloe Kardashians, but you gotta love what you got.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

muy bueno.

Mexicoooo! Always an adventure. This trip started out with me, my dear sweet mother, and yase and hannah. We got there on the 4th of July... why is it that 2 of the last 3 years, I've been out of the country for independence day? Hmmm, I really do love America, promise. Anyways, we layed out when the sun decided to come out, took a few sketchy trips to Walmart and Home Depot, where I stick out like a sore thumb (maybe the height and the blonde hair have something to do with it??), and enjoyed the salty beach air.

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of being joined by the entire Bergquist-Armstrong clan... all 12 of them! Never a dull moment with those kids, love them! We took an eventful and entertaining trip to Puerto Nuevo for some Mexican shopping, and where Andrew was serenaded by a mariachi band for his birthday...

Had a ninja birthday party, complete with a Spongebob pinata that was much harder to destroy than it looked, and the boys attempted to do fireworks, until they were scared off.

This place is beautiful.