Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sacre Bleu!

Remember that time we went to Paris for christmas? Oh wait, that's right now!! Yes it's true, I'm writing this from our lovely hotel here in France. We got here Saturday evening, and it's been quite the adventure ever since! We missed our connecting flight from London, so that was fabulous. Oh and of course with my luck, my bag (and my dad's) didn't make it from London, so that was fun, too. We started out at a hotel outside of Paris, and after the discovery that the train workers were on strike and it was a very lucrative 45 minute commute into the city, we decided to peace outta there and move onto bigger and better things. We woke up to this on Sunday morning...

Beautiful, but FREEZING! However, once we got into Paris, things warmed up a bit. We came out of the metro station only to see this gorgeous number... The Arc de Triomphe. Amazing.

We took a little stroll down Champs Elysees and loooved all the christmas stands at the market. So pretty. The Champs during Christmas is amazing! All lit up and gorgeous... this picture doesn't do it justice so just use your imagination.

Even though the trip started out a little rocky, experiencing the Champs all lit up made it all totally worth it. Paris is magical.

Yesterday, we had another crazy adventure thanks to my very entertaining mother. She was convinced that there was some kind of Louis Pasteur museum we could go to while my dad was off buying train tickets. Why anyone wants to see an exhibit on the man who figured out how to cleanse milk is beyond me (and I'm probably gonna get in trouble for saying that!!). So we walked all over this neighborhood and up a huge hill trying to find this place that ended up not even existing!! BUT... When we turned around to walk back down the hill, we saw this:
Um, hello perfect view of the Eiffel Tower!! It was soooo cool, since it was our first tower sighting. Made all the frustration worth it! I am still blown away by how beautiful the Eiffel Tower is in person... and HUGE. Sooo cool that I saw it with my own eyes.

We then headed down to the tower to get a closer look. While we were there, it started to get suuuuper cold and drizzly. Did that stop us from going to the top? Of course not! Even though we all were freezing our Parisian bootys off, the top was incredible. It was sooo cool to see ALL of Paris being blanketed with snow. We got our first spotting of the Notre Dame and the Louvre and took some pretty cool pictures.

Now I wish I could continue on with all the funny stories and pictures, but I only have 2 more minutes of internet left! Whoops... next time you'll hear all about our unbelievable trip to Normandy. Really, I was pretty anti at first because we had to get up at 5:00 for a two hour train ride, but it was beyond worth it. Seriously up there in my life experiences.

We are having so much fun but will miss all our family on Christmas! We love you guys!!
Au Revior


Janae' said...

This was the best post I have EVER read!! I was completely and totally smiling through the whole thing. I l.o.v.e. the great photos. I love the adventures. and I am completely sad I am missing being there with you :( possible a bit jealous. ok. Totally.

Love you!!

Brittany said...

i hate you.

the end.


Trent said...

You should look up Louis Pasteur...that dude was awesome.

Keith A. Runyon said...

Go see the tunnel where Diana was killed.

And don't forget Sacre Couer....big church, cool artists..

Have Fun!

jessica said...

ahhhh i am still in denial that you are there! i miss you guys!!!! i love you all. bask in the snow, bring me a crepe, take lots of pictures to expand my jealousy, and have the loveliest christmas!

Amy Marie said...

THis looks amazing! Its the talk around town right now... haha I hope you guys continue to have an amazing trip! Happy Christmas!