Saturday, December 12, 2009

3rd Annual G-Bread Houses!

I love this little tradition. Every year since I've lived in Provo we have a little gingerbread house competition with our friends. Let me tell you, it get pretty heated... you know, frosting flinging everywhere and graham cracker crumbs covering the floor and people arguing over who gets the last reese's tree. Its super entertaining, really. Anyway, this year proved to be a huge success right off the bat because my house actually stayed intact! No epic collapse this year, my friends! Once we were all done, we had a third party, unbiased judge known as J-Lev come choose a winner. Let me show you the houses before I tell you the results.
Me and Jackie made these little beauties.

Brittan made this PRECIOUS dog house...

...complete with Santa walking a pup

These two little lovers made...

This sweet little bow house

And there were two more that I didn't get closeups of but you can spot them in this lovely group photo... the green monster and the one that looks like it belongs in a gingerbread trailer park.

So who was the winner, you might ask? Well, after long and careful consideration, Judge J-Lev chose... ME! Holler... I am the g-bread house CHAMP. And I now have bragging rights for next year, which I am pretty stoked about. I know you want to admire my masterpiece further, so her she is up close.

I know what you're thinking... It's only the most wonderful gingerbread creation you've ever seen! I'm pretty proud.


Janae' said...

You really must get Uncle Keith to teach you how to make his winner "gum drop" palm trees. A sure way to secure a two time win!

The Wellings said...

okay i didn't know you had an A on the front of your house!! dUH J lev knew it was yours and chose you! I demand a revote! j/k :)