Monday, November 2, 2009

all hallows eve

Oh, halloween. I just don't really like you that much! I mean, it was really fun seeing all the kiddos parade around the school in their cute little costumes. And having elementary school halloween parties with lots of candy and treats and games. I like that part. But grown up halloween just isn't that cool! It's stressful figuring out what to dress up as, and if you don't dress up, you're considered really lame and boring. So, me and Britt improvised with stuff we already had and decided to be our most favorite Dillon Panther, Tim Riggins. Well, the girl versions of Tim Riggins. If anything, H-ween is a fun time to wear more makeup than you ever would in your life and take lots of pictures. It's also really entertaining to see people suddenly turn into skanks for a night and loooove it. So strange. Anyways, party hopping was decent and we had a really great time throwing candy at party-goers. Good times, good times.
Some of our friends dressed up as secret service agents and one was Obama... it was hysterical. He would stop the parties and give speeches and some Asian tourists at Denny's totally bought it and were taking pictures with him... classic.

Oh, Halloween. We have such a love/hate relationship.

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Brittany Seager said...

you seriously look stunning! your make-up looks so pretty! i love it... and i love riggins ;) good choice.