Monday, November 30, 2009


What's that, Coaches Poll? You think the UNLV Runnin' Rebels are the #21 team in the nation? Why, how observant of you!
I loooove these boys. You probably didn't know that.
They played incredible and fought really hard to beat Louisville. And it was soooo fun to watch them do it, even though me and JLev had a slight seating mishap and switched seats 5 times. It turned out to be good luck, I guess! I just love that feeling when your team just won a big game and everyone is celebrating and at that moment, nothing else really matters. Just the victory. BEST. FEELING. EVER.
We love our rebels.

PS We met Holly from Girls Next Door at a game a couple weeks ago (don't act like you don't know who she is!). She was super nice and loved to be a rebs fan for the day before she had to run off to her nakey show.

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