Friday, October 23, 2009

in the past week...

-I went to Vegas again... round three
-Got a little bit sick
-Went to First Look and looooved it. Rebs season is fast approaching!
-Fell in love again with all rebs
-Loved playing Beatles Rock Band with Boots singing all songs in an english accent hahaha
-Watched Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with father and boots and realized that although the music is amazing, the movie is really creepy and weird
-Made some super delicious and adorable halloween cupcakes with Boots and Tess and Bryn
-Attempted to make cupcakes from scratch and failed miserably
-Realized that Paris and London are only two months away!
-Enjoyed the amazing Vegas fall weather. I seriously don't get why people say they want to live somewhere with 4 seasons. I'm perfectly fine with two: hot and not so hot. That's enough for me!
-Courtney got her mission call!!!! She's going to the Cleveland Ohio mission and will be working in the Kirtland visitor's center. Which means she gets to wear some real cute pioneer dresses. Hurray!! I'm very very excited for her but I will miss her sososo much.
-School school school
-work work work
-Jessica and Kori stalk me and I secretly love it

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Mackenzie said...

She is NOT going to Cleveland!! That is so cool!! I am living here now for college!! Maybe I'll see her cute self walking down the street!!!