Wednesday, October 28, 2009

love today.

Six new Taylor Swift songs. Blasting the heat in my car after a freezing recess. New episodes of Flash Forward. Laying in my super comfy bed and getting cozy warm. Finding my favorite sweater packed among my winter wardrobe. CPK with KB. Good conversation. A slick new phone cover. The NBA is back! My room is finally somewhat organized. Oh, the simple pleasures of life.
I love today.

PS Check out Yase Bear at homecoming last weekend... what a stud. And did I tell you he has a gf these days?!

Friday, October 23, 2009

in the past week...

-I went to Vegas again... round three
-Got a little bit sick
-Went to First Look and looooved it. Rebs season is fast approaching!
-Fell in love again with all rebs
-Loved playing Beatles Rock Band with Boots singing all songs in an english accent hahaha
-Watched Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with father and boots and realized that although the music is amazing, the movie is really creepy and weird
-Made some super delicious and adorable halloween cupcakes with Boots and Tess and Bryn
-Attempted to make cupcakes from scratch and failed miserably
-Realized that Paris and London are only two months away!
-Enjoyed the amazing Vegas fall weather. I seriously don't get why people say they want to live somewhere with 4 seasons. I'm perfectly fine with two: hot and not so hot. That's enough for me!
-Courtney got her mission call!!!! She's going to the Cleveland Ohio mission and will be working in the Kirtland visitor's center. Which means she gets to wear some real cute pioneer dresses. Hurray!! I'm very very excited for her but I will miss her sososo much.
-School school school
-work work work
-Jessica and Kori stalk me and I secretly love it

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

chocolate chip collection.

This conversation took place today between me, the very serious, responsible aide that I am, and Canon, the first-grader that apparently wants to marry me these days.

Me: Canon, why are you picking the chocolate chips out of your granola bar?
Canon: I'm saving them for my chocolate chip collection.

Hmmm... okay, whatever floats your boat. Then I come back two minutes later and the little pile of chocolate chips is gone.

Me: What happened to your collection?
Canon: Well I keep my chocolate chip collection in my stomach, DUH!

Great idea, Canon. I keep my Cafe Rio collection in my stomach, too.

I love my job.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

whirlwind of a weekend

This weekend was a super crazy fun tornado. I love being busy. This is what it consisted of.
-A drive to Vegas
-A mad dash to be fashionably late to a wedding
-Which included the MOST beautiful bride I've ever seen in my life. I've always looked up to Emily. Her wedding was unbelievably gorgeous and also really fun. And her husband is hot.
-A drive to Newport Beach and perfect weather
-A venture to Jack's, which resulted in a really cute hat
-Spending the time in between conference sessions at the pool... is that bad? I don't think so.
-A super delicious pina colada and gossip magazines while getting a tan (or a sunburn, depending on your outlook).
-Elder Holland's talk was amazing.
-JAVIERS. If you haven't been, go. Best mexican food ever. Just beware, you'll see more cougars and trophy wives than anywhere else on the earth. I swear I was on an episode of the OC... I even heard a lady refer to Newport as "the bubble". Brought me right back to the Seth Cohen days.
-Disneyland fireworks
-Disneyland cupcakes and chocolate covered marshmallows
-Disneyland corndogs
-Disneyland churros
-Oh yeah, and we rode some rides too. Don't worry, I beat boots at toy story.
-Drive back to the 702
-FINALLY getting rid of the nasty roots in my hair... yay for being blond!
-Discovering father's face in the newspaper was a THRILL. Be loyal. Wade is.
-A short flight back to Utah and a stop at Paradise Bakery. Perfect end to a perfect weekend.
And here's the photographic evidence. You know you love me.