Sunday, September 6, 2009

Littlest Boots

Boots is the best sister. She just posted on her blog 10 things she misses about me so I think I will do the same for her!
1. Her wonderful dancing, specifically to "Hey Jude"
2. Her knowledge of everything Beatles
3. She's ALWAYS willing to go on a food run with me
4. Dressing up in Jessi's clothes and dancing gangster
5. Talking about all her lovers
6. She always tells me I'm ridiculous when I say I look fat!
7. Showing me random youtube videos
8. Her cooking skills that are very advanced for her age
9. When I walk in the door and she says "Aleee!"
10. Most of all I just miss seeing my little boots every single day! Even if she does get crabby and sick of me I still love her so so so much and I hate to see her growing up so fast. We have so much fun together, even though we are 10 years apart. I love you Hannah!!!

PS You all should check out her new blog. I can guarantee you it will be very entertaining.

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