Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm SO hardcore.

Yeah, it's true. Why?
Well, maybe it's because I've been keeping Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind on repeat. It REALLY makes me wish I lived in/was from New York (shout out to my girl Aubrey... I want your life.) Okay, well I guess that doesn't really make me hardcore considering it's the number one download on iTunes and we all know that rap can't be hardcore unless it's underground.
So this is why I'm hardcore...

Yeah that's me, brandishing a .22 and protecting my hood. I run these streets.
Oh wait, that gun is pink... does that make me any less hardcore?
I think not.
Lesson learned: Guns are fun. Don't point them at people. And i would be really scared to have a loaded on in my house. And big shotguns have lots of kick. And I'm really bad at clay pigeons.
You better not cross me.

1 comment:

aubrey said...

living in new york is not as hardcore as shooting a gun. ;)
so glad it was pink.