Wednesday, September 30, 2009

flower and tower.

See this flower in my hair? I'm obsessed with it. I wanna wear it everyday. It keeps the hair out of my face and looks pretty while doing it.
And then there's the Eiffel Tower in the background. I loooove this print in my room... thanks little J. She left it at our old apartment when she got married, so I stole it. Free game. And, it's a beautiful reminder of where I'll be spending christmas this year... I can't wait!! My European Christmas is gonna be amazing, I just know it.
It was frigid today... and we had outside recess and all the poor little ones were frozen! No bueno. I just told them to run around and chase each other so they'd get warm. It worked well.
I saw Fame the other day and looooved it. Go download the songs from the soundtrack by Asher Book... you won't regret it. I'm in love with him!
That's all for now. The Ruins starts tonight and I'm soooo excited! I love those challenges.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

dream coat. it's okay to be jealous!

This little beauty is currently in my closet. And I'm OBSESSED with it. It was discovered on Saturday during a little trip to Anthropologie in the Gateway. I usually refrain from going in there because I love everything and can never afford it. And this coat was the first thing that caught my eye... love at first sight. I loooove plaid. And ruffles. And coats. And it was super depressing to leave the store without it.
Then yesterday, my most favorite loving father came in town and took us to dinner at the Gateway, and so I took him on a little detour to see the coat. And now, after promising to take my Juice Plus everyday, it's hanging in my room!! Just waiting for a winter storm to roll in. I can't wait.
Hey guess what? Only 52 more days till Rebs season opener!!! I am getting super anxious for bball season. I do love football, tho... even though the Patriots are sucking it up these days. Remember a few years ago when they were unstoppable? I miss those days.
Oh and I still love my job. I really really wish I could take pictures of these kids because they are SO freaking cute. There is one that reminds me so much of my cousin Jakey... his name is Taylor and he used to have a black eye and he has no front teeth and a little lisp. I love talking to him because he says the funniest things and loves to chase all the girls. And I love wednesdays because it's pizza day at lunch at they bring out the leftovers for the aides... free lunch, can't turn that down!
I learned this weekend not to go to Cafe Rio after a BYU football game. I've never seen so many dorky BYU students in one place at one time. Seriously, I think I was the only one in the place NOT wearing a BYU shirt. And just so you know, if you wear anything BYU, I WILL judge you. I'm just saying. And the cougarette uniforms are heinous... I most definitely would never wear them out in public. Go rebel girls.
That is all. I'm gonna go admire my coat now.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm SO hardcore.

Yeah, it's true. Why?
Well, maybe it's because I've been keeping Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind on repeat. It REALLY makes me wish I lived in/was from New York (shout out to my girl Aubrey... I want your life.) Okay, well I guess that doesn't really make me hardcore considering it's the number one download on iTunes and we all know that rap can't be hardcore unless it's underground.
So this is why I'm hardcore...

Yeah that's me, brandishing a .22 and protecting my hood. I run these streets.
Oh wait, that gun is pink... does that make me any less hardcore?
I think not.
Lesson learned: Guns are fun. Don't point them at people. And i would be really scared to have a loaded on in my house. And big shotguns have lots of kick. And I'm really bad at clay pigeons.
You better not cross me.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Today I wore my new boots to church. With leggings. And then I came home and turned the AC extra cold so I could wear my favorite old faded sweatshirt. And cuddled under my favorite blanket while watching football.
What does this mean?
I think I'm ready for fall. Normally I mourn the passing of summer, but I kinda miss my winter wardrobe. I know I'll be reading this in a few months when the snow is covering the grass and i can see my breath at noon and I'll probably ask myself, What was I thinking? But for now, I'm looking forward to it.
It's my first year participating in fantasy football. My draft strategy was to pick names that I recognized... Tom Brady (my love), Reggie Bush, Brian Westbrook, and TO. I probably won't win, but oh well?
I've been desperately craving Pei Wei lately. They REALLY need to build one in Provo.
My bffl/roommate Brittany is engaged! All I can say is another one bites the dust. And her ring is to die for.
My other bff Courtney just put in her mission papers. I'm super excited for her. She'll be THE most amazing missionary. And call me selfish, but I'm secretly rooting for her to be called to Temple Square so I can "accidently" run into her every now and then. Is that bad?
Lately I'm addicted to Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus. Go ahead, judge me! Then download it and I'm sure you'll be addicted in no time.
I'm currently watching Never Been Kissed. How exactly did the teacher fall in love with Drew Barrymore? She's seriously homely in this movie. And he's smokin. Why don't teachers look like that in real life?
Speaking of teachers, I got to teach for like 15 mins the other day! It was so fun except the kids were really rowdy and I laughed at them when I really should've been reprimanding. They are SO funny! And I love when I walk in in the morning and they say "Hi Miss Leavitt!" It's my favorite.
And the other day at recess, this little girl came over and said, "Canon told me he wants to marry you!!" Canon is this cutie little first grader. How precious is that?!
I love my job.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Littlest Boots

Boots is the best sister. She just posted on her blog 10 things she misses about me so I think I will do the same for her!
1. Her wonderful dancing, specifically to "Hey Jude"
2. Her knowledge of everything Beatles
3. She's ALWAYS willing to go on a food run with me
4. Dressing up in Jessi's clothes and dancing gangster
5. Talking about all her lovers
6. She always tells me I'm ridiculous when I say I look fat!
7. Showing me random youtube videos
8. Her cooking skills that are very advanced for her age
9. When I walk in the door and she says "Aleee!"
10. Most of all I just miss seeing my little boots every single day! Even if she does get crabby and sick of me I still love her so so so much and I hate to see her growing up so fast. We have so much fun together, even though we are 10 years apart. I love you Hannah!!!

PS You all should check out her new blog. I can guarantee you it will be very entertaining.


This is my number one Dad. He is the coolest.
He came to help Jessi move in.
He bought me lots of dinners.
He bought me cute boots for the winter.
He gave me money to buy new work clothes.
He bought me jewelry. I'm a spoiled girl.
That is not why I love him!!
I love him for moments like this...
And this...
And of course this.
My dad is the best. The end!