Tuesday, August 11, 2009

GBP... Mexico Style.

The Leavitt side of the family has been going to the beach every summer since before I can remember. Gram LOVED the beach... I don't know any other grandma that would go boogie boarding with her grandchildren! Some of my best memories are at the beach with my cousins, digging holes and eating junk food and perfecting the lost art of body surfing. I remember some of Jake's epic wipeouts on the skimboard and the time when the beach was infested with dead jellyfish... which of course didn't stop us! With Gram's passing in January, it seemed that Gram's Beach Party might not happen this year.
But alas, we prevailed! Gram would be proud, even if it was moved south of the border. There was lots of reading, lots of laughing, lots of games and even a little family yoga. And the fireworks made a comeback after a near arrest in O-Side a few years ago... it was SO good to have them back!
So, without further adieu, here is our Mexico Edition of GBP in pictures, thanks to Janae and Tiffany!
Boots convinced me to go out in the cold water... and it was very worth it!

We HAD to make a little visit to Tacos Cantamar! My favorite. And I learned that Cantamar is the name of the town, not just the taco stand!

Love my sistas.

Wii Fit... it's a family affair. Unless you're Yase, in which case you Wild Cherry Pepsi it instead.

THRILLER! When this song comes on the ipod, we have to break it down. Similar to the year we all broke out in The Carpenters in the middle of a restaurant. Don't lie, you wish you were there!

We took some family pics since we were all together. Don't mind my lack of pants... it's a swimsuit. Naturally.

I pretty much just loved spending time with my favorite people! We missed Jake and Yung Keiff... next year we'll be complete. LOVE GBP!

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