Thursday, July 23, 2009

whats on MY mind.

Yesterday I went shopping with Britt and Jackie. Like the good old days. But we missed Becca, too.
Have you ever noticed that the stores have the best stuff when you happen to be broke? We went to Nords Rack first... love that place. Found a pair of William Rast Jeri ultra skinnys- my favorite fit. I already have two of them. But these were a lighter wash and a super cute pocket. Of course, I didn't even try them on because I didn't want to be tempted by money I don't have. And they had the cutest Betsey Johnson sunglasses... darn.
And of course Urban always has tons of cute stuff. If I had endless amounts of money to blow, I'd probably go there first. Not only do they have sweet clothing, but I love the interiors section... cute bedspreads and pillows and prints and such.
Speaking of, I really wish I was better at decorating. My mom is getting me this really cute bedspread, and I wish I knew what else I could do with the room. You know, like what colors and accents would work. I'm not good at that at all! I can paint my new room in the fall so I'm thinking about embarking on that quest... I might need some serious help.
I love Big Brother. I despise Ronnie after what he did to Jordan... hate him. I also of course love SYTYCD. Jeanine and Jason are my favorites. I reaaalllly don't like Jeanette... her mushroom haircut bothers me. And she seems like she loves all the attention... I mean she's good, but I really hope she doesn't win.
Oh and did I tell you that I cut some of my old jeans into shorts? I love them. I wear them everyday... people probably think they're the only pair of pants I own. Oh well. I love summer clothes.
That's all.


Chase & Destiny Pittsenbarger said...

I CANT STAND RONNIE EITHER!!! and i want jordan & jeff to hook up. they would be the cutest couple alive!!! Hopefully jeff gets HOH!!

Janae' said...

Jordan is cute and funny but dumber than a doorknob. She never.quits.talking.about.herself. Jeff is not much brighter. But he is dang cute.

I have an unpopular opinion on Ronnie. He played them. If he had big muscles, big boobs or was a ditzy blonde.....the drama about him would have been minimal, 10 against 1 gang mentality wouldn't have happened.

I almost barfed everytime I had to listen to Laura talk about how smart she is but that she never got to play because of Ronnies lies. THEY ALL LIE. They are just bullying him because he's not cute.

You know I'm right.

Lyssy. The new blog layout is adorable,

Alec and Tiffany said...

I like Ronnie. We geeks stick together. I also like Jessie, Jordan, and Jeff. J-cubed? I'll see you Wednesday!