Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy P-day.

Pioneer Day, that is, not to be confused with mission p day. July 24th! What a day. Well, it was actually a VERY boring day at first. Then my friend Britt called and said they were waiting outside in the car to go watch fireworks in SLC. I hadn't been dressed all day or showered or anything (lovely picture huh), but how could I resist fireworks?! Therefore I threw my favorite lumberjack shirt on and hopped in Rocky's ridiculously huge truck. BTW, Rocky is our friend in the picture below, and let me just tell you, Rocky is the perfect name for him... just look at him. He is truly everything a Rocky should be, and he loves himself as much as the girls do... whoops. We love him anyway. Now back to the point. We first went up to this GORGEOUS house in the Avenues. It had the best views around... you could really see the whole valley. Not that we stayed for the fireworks or anything! We had to move on to bigger and better things. We went down to Liberty Park and some sweet soul helped us avoid the crazy traffic and let us park in her driveway. I just love people like that. So we camped out on the lawn and watched us some fireworks! Not the best show ever, but quality. It was worth the drive and everything. Then we went to this super fun dance party in Sandy... loved it. Got my groove on. Met some fellas. You know how it goes. And the night ended with a little rain and some Jimmy Eat World. Perfect? I think so.
Thanks Pioneers, for settling in Utah and giving me an excuse to play!

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kylee said...

Alyss! I love the pics! You look beautiful!