Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy P-day.

Pioneer Day, that is, not to be confused with mission p day. July 24th! What a day. Well, it was actually a VERY boring day at first. Then my friend Britt called and said they were waiting outside in the car to go watch fireworks in SLC. I hadn't been dressed all day or showered or anything (lovely picture huh), but how could I resist fireworks?! Therefore I threw my favorite lumberjack shirt on and hopped in Rocky's ridiculously huge truck. BTW, Rocky is our friend in the picture below, and let me just tell you, Rocky is the perfect name for him... just look at him. He is truly everything a Rocky should be, and he loves himself as much as the girls do... whoops. We love him anyway. Now back to the point. We first went up to this GORGEOUS house in the Avenues. It had the best views around... you could really see the whole valley. Not that we stayed for the fireworks or anything! We had to move on to bigger and better things. We went down to Liberty Park and some sweet soul helped us avoid the crazy traffic and let us park in her driveway. I just love people like that. So we camped out on the lawn and watched us some fireworks! Not the best show ever, but quality. It was worth the drive and everything. Then we went to this super fun dance party in Sandy... loved it. Got my groove on. Met some fellas. You know how it goes. And the night ended with a little rain and some Jimmy Eat World. Perfect? I think so.
Thanks Pioneers, for settling in Utah and giving me an excuse to play!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

whats on MY mind.

Yesterday I went shopping with Britt and Jackie. Like the good old days. But we missed Becca, too.
Have you ever noticed that the stores have the best stuff when you happen to be broke? We went to Nords Rack first... love that place. Found a pair of William Rast Jeri ultra skinnys- my favorite fit. I already have two of them. But these were a lighter wash and a super cute pocket. Of course, I didn't even try them on because I didn't want to be tempted by money I don't have. And they had the cutest Betsey Johnson sunglasses... darn.
And of course Urban always has tons of cute stuff. If I had endless amounts of money to blow, I'd probably go there first. Not only do they have sweet clothing, but I love the interiors section... cute bedspreads and pillows and prints and such.
Speaking of, I really wish I was better at decorating. My mom is getting me this really cute bedspread, and I wish I knew what else I could do with the room. You know, like what colors and accents would work. I'm not good at that at all! I can paint my new room in the fall so I'm thinking about embarking on that quest... I might need some serious help.
I love Big Brother. I despise Ronnie after what he did to Jordan... hate him. I also of course love SYTYCD. Jeanine and Jason are my favorites. I reaaalllly don't like Jeanette... her mushroom haircut bothers me. And she seems like she loves all the attention... I mean she's good, but I really hope she doesn't win.
Oh and did I tell you that I cut some of my old jeans into shorts? I love them. I wear them everyday... people probably think they're the only pair of pants I own. Oh well. I love summer clothes.
That's all.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hey Jude.

This absolutely made my day. I remember seeing it a little while ago, but I stumbled into it tonight and fell in love all over again. I love his little guitar and mike. I love his little baby singing voice. But most of all... I LOVE his little asian spin, like "ret her into ror heart"!! My favorite. Boots especially will love it. Enjoy.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

did i tell you?

We have two cats. Scratch that, my roommates have two cats. They decided to surprise me when I got home a couple weeks ago.

This is Meow, and the other one is Sparkles. I wish to reiterate the fact that these are not my cats, and I was in no way involved in naming them. Thank you. Don't let this picture fool you... I'm not a fan.
I've never been a cat person. They're cute for about a week when they're little and then they grow into creepy, annoying creatures. Stalking you and such. And don't even get me started on their litter! SICK. Our whole apartment smells like cat crap.
Thankfully, someone (and no, it wasn't me) reported the cats to the apartments and they're making my roommates get rid of them. So what do they do? They take them to a boyfriend's house to stay. And then they pick them up and let them visit for a few hours. Seriously? Obnoxious.
They're not even that cute. Oh well. I try to distance myself from them as much as possible.
And as we speak, little Meow is meow-ing (crazy, right?) at my door. And earlier, I found him drinking out of the toilet. And Sparkles has claws of death and I'm pretty sure I have more than a few scratch marks from her. Let's just pray that dear roomies decide to give them up sometime soon, or else they might go mysteriously missing. Whoops?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

these days.

Well... my life is pretty uneventful these days. I'm back up in Provo, sans the usual group, and it's been interesting. I've never really been by myself for long periods of time, without my friends and family. This is the first time I've lived with just strangers. Surprisingly, I like it. No one bothers me when I don't want to be bothered. I can to my own thing and so can they, and occasionally we'll hang out together in the living room or something. It's refreshing.
Biology is a struggle, but I feel pretty motivated and have actually made a conscious effort to do well. I even went to study at the library two days in a row! Holler... that is so not me. I welcome these good changes.
The job hunt is also a struggle... I swear I've put in countless applications and resumes and have only heard back from a few. It's so frustrating, because I know I'm a hard worker and would be good at lots of things, given the chance. And let's hope the chance comes soon, because my funds are running pretty low.
In the mean time, I'm watching the OC again. I miss that show. It reminds me of high school. I liked high school.
My dear friend Jac stayed with me for a couple days this weekend. I love her. She was an EFY counselor this summer and she loved it and I loved hearing about it. EFY was good to me back in the day. You know what else is good to me? Jac's peanut butter rice crispies. With chocolate on top. Good to me, but not good for me.
I wish I could go to summer league this year. I love basketball... I miss it a lot in the summer. There isn't even football to keep my sports brain occupied. Baseball is a snoozefest... unless you're at the game. Then it's fun. I hope we can make it to a Padres game this summer.
I'm really excited for Jessica to move up here in the fall. That will be fun, and good bonding time. I can't believe she's going to college already!
And lastly, I leave you with this photo. I love it. God Bless America

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

gone too soon.

So the Michael Jackson story has been literally everywhere for that past two weeks. It makes me really sad because I loooove MJ's music, and always have, ever since I was little. I remember watching Free Willy and at the end of the movie, the video for Will You Be There would come on with Michael in his flowy white shirt singing his heart out while Willy was finally free after jumping over the rock wall. Cheesy, yet memorable. And who could forget Captain Eo at Disneyland hahaha... one of my personal favorites! Over the years I've come to really appreciate his talent and regularly rocked out to MJ with my SUU roomies and on long drives. Michael even lived down the street from my house for a few months, even though I never got to see him. Pretty much what I'm saying is regardless of your opinion on his controversial life choices, I doubt there's anyone out there that doesn't have at least one memory of hearing a Michael Jackson song in some memorable way. I'm kinda sad that I, along with millions of his fans, will never have the opportunity to see him do the moonwalk and sing his iconic songs in person. After watching a few specials about him this past week, I've come to the conclusion that he had a really sad life. He never really got his childhood, and I think that's why he was so innocent and childlike as an adult. I always thought he was innocent, and that really sick people took advantage of his genuine good heartedness. I think his kids are adorable, and I hope everything turns out okay for them. I watched the memorial service today and I just cried when his daughter spoke! I know, I'm a sap, but while we lost our king of pop, those kids lost their dad. So so sad. I found this really cool tribute video on youtube (I love the song in it... when Usher sang it at the memorial I cried again. Don't make fun of me), I think it really gets his vibe and what he would've wanted us to remember.

RIP Michael... you will be missed.

Friday, July 3, 2009

one year ago...

I'm feeling a little reminiscent tonight folks. A year ago, I was Down Under with a few of my loved ones and what would soon become my Rebel Family. I miss them, and I miss this. Hence, I've decided to relive my adventures in a little segment I like to call "Best of Aussie". This might also be because I recently acquired new pictures from the trip that I didn't have before. So, like most of my posts, this one will be pretty picture-heavy, but hey, pictures say a lot more than I ever could. And so, I present to you... the things I loved most/best moments/long lost photos of my time down under.

I looooved bonding with these boys. Please ignore Lucy and her friend in the pic, they're a little possessive of dear rebs.

This picture is one of my favorites. Taken at Sydney Harbour, right outside the Opera House.

Can you tell we try hard to fit in with the boys? Don't worry, I loved to listen in on the team meetings. Just trying to put in my two cents with coach, ya know?

The Opera House was really cool. The tour was a little mundane, but it at least gave us some good photo ops!

Oh, the zoo. Steve Irwin's shrine, I should say. A little morbid that he's still in all the videos and everything they show there, his voice is over the speakers, etc. RIP Steve. The zoo was a little underwhelming, especially after the loooong bus ride to get there. The croc show wasn't that impressive. The coolest thing about the zoo was the kangaroo area. Tons of roos just hanging out, and you could pet them and play with them and even provoke them, if you wanted a little punch in the gut. And I almost forgot, "Bindi's big ass"... or so said our tour guide. I think it's one of those things you had to be there for.

Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast was pretty sweet. Good shopping, great beach, and the opportunity to see shirtless basketball players. What more could you ask for? Maybe some asians who loved to take crazy pictures with the crazy american girls?

Of course, the bungy jumping. Never have I felt so many emotions in such a short amount of time. I went from calm to crying to screaming of fear to screaming of joy to the biggest adrenaline rush I've ever felt/probably ever will feel in a matter of seconds. Still, hands down, coolest experience of my life thus far. Oh, and that look on my face in the group picture... that's legit fear. No posing for me.

Ahh, the Great Barrier Reef. Another place where I was able to conquer a small fear of mine... fish/the middle of the ocean. I HATE fish... everything about them. However, scuba diving was pretty up there with the bungy experience... something I'll probably never get to do again, and something I'll remember vividly for the rest of my life. As you can see, the gear was less than flattering, but it was well worth it. So was the helicopter ride above the reef, with water so clear we were able to see turtles swimming around from the air. Once again, SO. COOL.

And here, because I love you and want you to get a good laugh for the day, is probably the most unattractive picture of me ever taken. You're Welcome.

Last, I really really loved the chance to bond with my sisters, both the real one and the ones I affectionately call my Rebel Sisters. I love them. I miss them when I'm gone. I love when the season comes around and we get to see each other more.

Pretty much I loved this trip. Adventures were everywhere, and I miss it. Even though it will be nice this year to actually celebrate July 4th while in this country. Next up: Paris and London for christmas. I can't wait.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wedding #2

Saturday was my other roomate Becca's wedding. It was SOOO pretty. We went to the temple to see them come out, and she looked gorgeous! I've never seen so many people at the temple for one couple, it was pretty huge. Plus there were 11 bridesmaids and 11 groomsmen, so there was that! It was really fun to see Becca and Davis get married cause I've known them both for awhile, and the wedding party was made up of all our friends from high school. It was a good reunion time! They had a gorgeous reception in Becca's backyard. Dippin Dots was most definitely the highlight for me... we all know I'm all about the food! If you saw the post below, Davis and some of the groomsmen surprised Becca with a siiiick dance. I don't know if anyone can top that! It was so clever. I just love them.