Sunday, June 7, 2009

it was a good day.

This is what my Saturday consisted of.
Woke up to my father opening the blinds at 10:30, this morning he skipped the wake up rap he usually likes to perform.
Rolled outta bed 15 mins later, searched for something to wear in my closet.
Decided on my new navy blue long dress from Old Navy, it's very summer & makes me feel mature. Jackie would be proud.
Looked in the mirror and decided my hair still help up from the night before and left it. Is that bad?
Departed with the fam to Town Square
Ate a delicious lunch at CPK... pepperoni pizza for me. I'm easily pleased.
Walked over to the movie theater to see UP in 3D. The town square theater is super nice, I really like it!
Cried within the first 5 minutes of UP... if you've seen it, you know what I'm talking about
Loved the movie so so much and then walked over to Yougurtland! Oh man, that place is good.
Had a mixture of coconut, bananas foster, and chocolate yogurts... it was good. Tasted like a frozen banana from Disneyland.
Went home and caught up with the Kardashians, they are so entertaining!
My dad set up Gram's bed for me so I don't have to sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore! YES!
Took a little trip to Target with my ma. Got some really cute scrapbooking supplies (yes, I scrapbook now. I feel it appropriate since I already conquered quilting and making meatloaf.)
Side note: Who do you always see someone you know at Target? I really don't think I've ever been to the one in Boca Park without running into someone. That's why you can't go to Target all nasty.
Me and mom went to the sale at Bath and Body Works and went all out... and I mean all out. You'd be surprised at how much stuff you can rack up at that place. Let's just say I'm now set with all my bath supplies/lotions/air fresheners.
Mom went to the grocery store, I went to the pet store to look a puppies. Now, I'm not an animal person, but I LOVE little pups! But really only the ones that stay little, cuz what's the fun in having a puppy if it's just gonna get really big? I want a little maltese that was there.
Creepy guy in the pet store told me about how he saw the Beatles in concert when he was 5. He felt compelled to tell me, since I was wearing my Beatles shirt and all. Then he told me about how his neighbor sold John Lennon a cow back in the day. Didn't John Lennon live in New York? I don't think Yoko would let a cow live in there apartment. Hmmm...
Came home, chilled, caught up on some shows, then my friends cam over and watched Transformers, which I hadn't seen until now. I liked it. I like my friends too.
And then I went to bed. The end.

I liked this day.


Jackie O. said...

I'm so proud, i'm tearing up! Quilting AND meatloaf?? MY alyssa? I can't tell you how proud i am. And i bet the blue dress is "TO DIIE FORRR" (melissa misses you). :) p.s. me too :/

Mackenzie said...

Alyssa, I so feel you on the Target thing!! I always felt like I had to look good there because I swear I saw someone EVERY time!! So funny ! :)

Paige Nelson said...

Haha this made me laugh when you said your started scrapbooking since you already learned how to quilt and make meat loaf. Oh and always seeing someone you know at boca park target?? Sooo true. I've started going to the new one on Flamingo and the 215 now when I look works.

Shaylee Leavitt said...

-First let me say that I LOVED up!!
-Second, I love Old Navy!
-Third, Dixon and I went to the pet store when we were last in Vegas and were seriously getting a maltese puppy!