Monday, June 22, 2009


Thursday was my 21st birthday! Holler. One year older and wiser, too. It was kind of a weird birthday cause it was also the day of Jackie and Becca's bachelorette party, planned by yours truly. Oh, and sammy too... she's the best. So all day I was running errands to get ready and I pretty much just forgot it was my birthday! That is until we got to the Hard Rock, where I played the slots. I'm so rebellious. Sam gave me 5 bucks to put in the Deal or No Deal machine and I lost it all, but of course she turned her 5 dollars into 40! Some people have all the luck. It was fun but I didn't even get carded haha. We had a room at the Hard Rock for the party, and it was super nice! I would stay there again for sure. We all met for dinner, which was a pretty raunchy affair that will remain picture-less... sorry. Then we went back to the hotel and hung out/celebrated/drank some sparkling cider. Like I said, rebellious. It turned out to be a huge success, I think the girls had a lot of fun! I can't say I'm sad its over, because I'm not a fan of planning things. I think I officially retire from party planning at this point.

Cupcakery... Happy Birthday to me!

Some creepy Columbian came to "help" play the slots... no thanks. We split.

Amp shots!

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Amy Marie said...

Thats so funny cause I got the on my birthday too! Cupcakery