Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Hot Mom

Happy Mothers Day! My mom is just amazing. I know everyone always says their mom is amazing, but mine really is. Let me tell you, I was not an easy child. I seemed to enjoy arguing and fighting with my mom on just about everything. I really have no idea how she put up with me! Thankfully, I have come to my senses and finally realized all that mi madre does for me. Sure, she does the usual, like cooking delicious meals and cleaning up after all us kids. But my mom seems to go above and beyond for us. She made me new pillows for my bed when I moved to my new apartment, she started to scrapbook all my high school pictures so I could remember stuff, she takes out the hem on my beautiful bridesmaid dresses, all while juggling 3 other kids at home and doing their stuff too. Plus, she's a babe... the guy at the nail salon was shocked when he found out she was my mom, not my sister, and she has had 5 kids. Not everyone can turn out like her! She is my number one example in life, the one person that I could turn out just like and be proud of it. So, dear mother, I hope you know that I love and appreciate you SOOOO much, not just on this day but everyday.


Shaylee said...

I have to agree, your mom is amazing!:)

Andrew and Heidi said...

Yes she is - you're sure lucky to have her!!

You want to be our part-time nanny while you're home for the spring semester?? Uncle Andrew and I need a day or two away from our munchkins. I'm dead serious! We offer good pay and great benefits :)