Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my 80s flashback.

Who are these rockin people, you might ask? Well, it is none other than the legendary Styx. Yes, that Styx, the Mr. Roboto/Renegade/Come Sail Away one. And I got to see them live! Hallelujah. I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive about this whole experience. Basically, my dad really wanted to relive the glory days at the .38 Special, Styx & REO Speedwagon concert, and no one else wanted to go with him, so I volunteered. I like stuff like this, live music and classic songs and what promised to be some great people watching. So we arrived at the Thomas & Mack to some pretty cool mullets and old t-shirts and people getting their last cigarrettes in before the concert. .38 Special was pretty cool, even though I'd really never heard of them until now. They played a few songs and then there was a little 10 minute intermission before Styx came on. Now, I really only know two or three of their songs, but I was very impressed! These old dudes can rock, for real. My favorite was Tommy Shaw, but really only because he was on the E True Hollwood Story about rock star wives and he was the only one I recognized. Let me tell you, homeboy has had some work done because he does not look 55. The other singer is like 60 tho, and he could still do his thing! Someone out there has a pretty sweet grandpa. The keyboardist was the best- don't worry, he had his keyboard on a swivel so he could spin it around while he was rockin. One of a kind, I tell ya. My favorite part was when they did a cover of the Beatles "I Am the Walrus"... we thought of Boots because she loves the Beatles. And it was a song I could actually sing along to! Anyways, Styx was really cool and I'm not ashamed to say that I like them. Next up was REO Speedwagon, and unlike the other guys, they looked their age. I'm talkin white hair. But hey, they did good. Dad loved when they played him and my moms love song, "Can't Stop This Feeling"... at least my mom claims its their song. Long Story. Anyway, REO was good but didn't really measure up to Styx, so it kinda died. We peaced outta there very happy, and yes, I did get an official tour t-shirt. Don't judge. Loved this little flashback night!

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steve said...

ok, gonna need the long story on the love song from REO.