Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm comin home!

Yes, its true. I'm coming back home to the 702 for spring semester, and I'm so so so excited! I'll be teaching swimming lessons at Las Vegas Swim Academy, so bring your kids to me! I did this two summers ago and loved it, plus I got the best tan of my life. I'm looking forward to living at home again for a little bit, and hanging out with my bff sammy, and bonding with my baby sis boots, and driving Jessica crazy before she realizes how excited she is to come live in P-town with me in the fall. It's pretty much just a win-win! The only rough part will be finding a job when I come back at the end of June, but I feel like it will all work out well. Tomorrow is my last day at the Buckle... HOLLA! Can't wait to get out of that place. The only thing I'll miss is the discount.
Well its Wednesday, and I love weds night tv. ANTM, then Idol results (ugh adam...), and later the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Does anyone else watch that show? I LOVE it. Super dramatic/adventurous/hysterical. The CT/Adam fight in the first episode was hysterical... mainly because Adam was wearing footie pajamas. And Paula is crazy, I can't stand her.
I got some cute sandals the other day... I just love summer clothes. If you are in Utah, you should definately go to Forever Young shoes. They're really cheap and have tons of cool shoes, and they are usually buy one get one half off. I try not to go in there so much cuz I buy something every time! That and Nordstrom are the death of me.
Oh yeah, and I have two new roomates. They're really nice. It's different living with random people, but I think I lucked out cuz they're both really sweet. They probably hate me cuz I've had a nonstop cough for the past two weeks. Not even a cold or sore throat or anything, just a nasty cough. It's driving me crazy, I can't get rid of it! Any suggestions? Sorry this is such a random post. Oh well... such is life.

PS I'm addicted to twitter. Everyone should join. You can check it out here.


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Paula is a mess haha I love that show!! and as for Buckle i wshed i worked there for the discount i LOVE that store!!!