Wednesday, April 15, 2009

okay, dont make fun....

So I went to see the Hannah Montana movie tonight and I loved it! It was cute, cheesy, funny, precious, cheesy, everything you would expect out of it... did I mention it was cheesy? I love cheesy movies sometimes. Anyways, the cowboy in it was super cute and I have a crush. He's probably young but oh well! Even though I don't really like Miley, she was really cute and likeable in it. I kinda envy her life a little. There's some surprisingly good tunes on the soundtrack too- I suggest "Crazier" by Taylor Swift. It's a quality love song. I LOVED the "Butterfly Fly Away" song that Miley and her Dad sang... the scene was super corny but the lyrics are really cute. I love daddy daughter songs, they get me every time. Moral of the story: HM was very entertaining. Don't be afraid to see it!!

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