Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh spring... you're such a tease.

So this is me, enjoying the beauty of April and spring and everything that comes with it. Okay, it isn't really me, but it may as well be! Spring weather here in Utah is kind of a tease. Take yesterday. 70 degrees, sunny and cloudless, no wind, just perfection. I spent my day (after work, of course) cruising with my windows down, sunglasses on and a smile on my face. How fitting is it that the Keith Urban song "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me" happened to come on the radio in the midst of this. It just fit the moment so perfectly... the chorus-

The sun is shining, and this road keeps winding,
Thru the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennesee
And I've got the one I love beside me,
My troubles behind me,
I'm alive and I'm free.
Who wouldn't wanna be me?

Change the states to Provo and Orem, and the one I love beside me to a large Dr. Pepper with extra ice, and you've got me. The day was capped off with a ward barbeque outside in the quad and a little American Idol. Pretty good day, if you ask me.
Then I wake up this morning, and its gray skies and light rain. I don't mind a little rain, but I was so spoiled by the actual real spring of yesterday that the chilly wind put me in a downer mood. So, here is my personal plea to this crazy place...

Dear Utah,
Why can't you just have normal seasons and normal weather like everyone else? No more freak snow storms, no more temps below 65, please. When I return back from Vegas this weekend, I expect you to behave like a normal spring would. Stop teasing me. Its not entertaining anymore. Here's to blossoms and green and studying for finals outside.

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Trent said...

What time did you wake up this morning? Noon? It was awesome this morning. I hope it comes back, too.