Friday, April 3, 2009

Jessi is LEGAL!

(Warning: there will be lots of pictures in this post. Deal with it... we're good looking.)
Happy 18th Birthday to my little sister Jessica!! I can't believe she's 18... I'm so so SO happy to have her as my sister. We've been through a lot... I actually once drew on her with permanent marker because I didn't like her. I like to think it made her tougher. When Jessi was little, she barely ever talked, but that has changed hugely since then! She is so funny and witty and VERY convincing... she once told me that our cousin worked at a Peruvian zoo, and I believed her for like a week. She's crazy. And, she can fall asleep anywhere, like on the boat ride from hell out to the Great Barrier Reef. Everyone else was getting sea sick, but Jessi was just rocked to sleep. What a talent. She is the only one that can understand things like "Why there gotta be a China Town in every city?", "I get money, I get money", and Indian Food- reservation style, of course. I love you Yekki, and I hope you have a fabulous day! Spend your thousand wisely, and in the words of Mom, "You can pay to go to school but you can't buy class".


Janae' said...

Oh my beautiful girls. I can't believe Jess is 18 and I can't believe what great friends you two have become. It makes my heart hum a little song.

I love you and Jessica!

Aunt Nae'

jessica leavitt said...

hahah the best part about you is your gullible-ness!!!! mom is so wise in her old classy. thanks for the bday holla!!!!!!!

Andrew and Heidi said...

Happy bday to Jessi - April birthdays are the best!