Thursday, April 30, 2009

i shall miss you

Oh, Matt Giraud. Why did you have to go and get yourself eliminated last night? You have been my favorite since day one. Your Justin Timberlake-esque style just really got me... we all know how I love me some JT. I will miss your sexy soulful voice and amazing runs. I will miss your amazing piano skills. I will miss your cute little dimples and your humbleness. To satisfy my future MG cravings, I just downloaded your version of Lets Get It On. Maybe someday you will sing it to me in person. Until then.... I shall miss you dearly, MAtt Giraud.

PS- Go Kris! He's my new fav. I loooooved his version of The Way You Look Tonight... one of my fav songs. You go. Now if only you weren't married...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

watch this....

I find this controversy so interesting. Maybe my beliefs make me biased, but I think California should be very proud of this girl. And the part in this video where Barack Obama basically says the same thing... hmmm. Thoughts?

this is me.

hello blog world. My life is pretty uneventful these days... good, but uneventful. The sun is out, and school is ALMOST out, so life is taking a turn for the better. My summer is getting more and more busy, at least during May and June. Two weddings, a graduation, a trip to the Ozarks (yeah, I had to google it too), multiple bridal showers, bachelorette parties, my 21st birthday and hopefully a girls trip to Mexico! And those are all within a month of each other. Lets hope I still have job after all of this! Both my roomates are moving out this week so I'll be getting two new ones soon. I'm kinda nervous, kinda excited about this. I suppose it could be an adventure. I was SOOOO happy they saved Matt on Idol last week! I love him. And I HATE HATE HATE Adam... everything about him. He has a good voice, I'll give him that. But I seriously can't watch him and the way he works the stage bothers me and his face has more makeup on it than every girl in Utah combined... and that's saying something. And his pants are too tight and lets face it, he definitely plays for the other team. I could go on all day. I really like Kris and Allison, I could care less about Danny. Disco night tonight, we'll see how that goes... sometimes they pick the weirdest themes. Don't get me wrong, I love Disco, I was raised on the Old Navy Disco CDs and Wade's 70s Mix. It just is probably hard to find a good disco song and make it current. Anyways, a new show everyone should watch is Taking the Stage. I love it! It's like a real life Step Up. All these really talented kids go to a performing arts school in Cincinnati and they have really fun/dramatic lives and it makes good tv. We all know how I love my reality shows!! Well, wish me luck on finals... studying calls. Peace

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

okay, dont make fun....

So I went to see the Hannah Montana movie tonight and I loved it! It was cute, cheesy, funny, precious, cheesy, everything you would expect out of it... did I mention it was cheesy? I love cheesy movies sometimes. Anyways, the cowboy in it was super cute and I have a crush. He's probably young but oh well! Even though I don't really like Miley, she was really cute and likeable in it. I kinda envy her life a little. There's some surprisingly good tunes on the soundtrack too- I suggest "Crazier" by Taylor Swift. It's a quality love song. I LOVED the "Butterfly Fly Away" song that Miley and her Dad sang... the scene was super corny but the lyrics are really cute. I love daddy daughter songs, they get me every time. Moral of the story: HM was very entertaining. Don't be afraid to see it!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

oh spring... you're such a tease.

So this is me, enjoying the beauty of April and spring and everything that comes with it. Okay, it isn't really me, but it may as well be! Spring weather here in Utah is kind of a tease. Take yesterday. 70 degrees, sunny and cloudless, no wind, just perfection. I spent my day (after work, of course) cruising with my windows down, sunglasses on and a smile on my face. How fitting is it that the Keith Urban song "Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me" happened to come on the radio in the midst of this. It just fit the moment so perfectly... the chorus-

The sun is shining, and this road keeps winding,
Thru the prettiest country from Georgia to Tennesee
And I've got the one I love beside me,
My troubles behind me,
I'm alive and I'm free.
Who wouldn't wanna be me?

Change the states to Provo and Orem, and the one I love beside me to a large Dr. Pepper with extra ice, and you've got me. The day was capped off with a ward barbeque outside in the quad and a little American Idol. Pretty good day, if you ask me.
Then I wake up this morning, and its gray skies and light rain. I don't mind a little rain, but I was so spoiled by the actual real spring of yesterday that the chilly wind put me in a downer mood. So, here is my personal plea to this crazy place...

Dear Utah,
Why can't you just have normal seasons and normal weather like everyone else? No more freak snow storms, no more temps below 65, please. When I return back from Vegas this weekend, I expect you to behave like a normal spring would. Stop teasing me. Its not entertaining anymore. Here's to blossoms and green and studying for finals outside.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Jessi is LEGAL!

(Warning: there will be lots of pictures in this post. Deal with it... we're good looking.)
Happy 18th Birthday to my little sister Jessica!! I can't believe she's 18... I'm so so SO happy to have her as my sister. We've been through a lot... I actually once drew on her with permanent marker because I didn't like her. I like to think it made her tougher. When Jessi was little, she barely ever talked, but that has changed hugely since then! She is so funny and witty and VERY convincing... she once told me that our cousin worked at a Peruvian zoo, and I believed her for like a week. She's crazy. And, she can fall asleep anywhere, like on the boat ride from hell out to the Great Barrier Reef. Everyone else was getting sea sick, but Jessi was just rocked to sleep. What a talent. She is the only one that can understand things like "Why there gotta be a China Town in every city?", "I get money, I get money", and Indian Food- reservation style, of course. I love you Yekki, and I hope you have a fabulous day! Spend your thousand wisely, and in the words of Mom, "You can pay to go to school but you can't buy class".