Monday, March 30, 2009

we ALMOST had it.

On Saturday night, me and Becca got to go to the Suns/Jazz game. It was amazing for a number of reasons. First, the wonderful Grensings hooked us up with some sweet tickets. They called Lou Amundson (my one true love, if you remember), who played for the Rebels a couple years ago and now plays for the Suns, and he left us a couple tickets at will call. We were about 15 rows up behind the basket. The game started off terrible, the suns couldn't hit a shot while the Jazz were making everything. Then, about halfway through the 3rd quarter, they actually showed up to play. After being down 21, we fought back and took the lead with about a minute to play. Too bad freakin Deron Williams hit a three and tied the game, sending it to overtime. The Jazz ended up going on a 9-2 run in OT to win, which sucked but it was SUCH a fun game. Jazz fans are crazy, they probably have the most commited fans in the NBA. We were sitting next to some interesting people. First, there was Goran Dragic's girlfriend. She was INSANE! Her and her friend would talk in russian to each other, but the second he touched the ball, she would scream at the top of her lungs and say "GO GORGY! I LOVE YOU!"... it was hysterical! So entertaining. Then the other girls next to us were talking about how they know all the Suns, but I still can't figure out how. I seriously think they were groupies, at least they were dressed like it. Little spaghetti straps that left all the goodies out, real classy,ya know? I overheard one of them telling about how she met Steve Nash one time and she asked what he did for a living. When he told her he played professional basketball, she was like, "ya right. No way."... Girl, how do you not know Steve Nash?? She was too much. Anyways, we got to go talk to Lou after the game and say thanks for the tickets. He was super nice. We were mad tho cuz both me and Bec forgot our cameras, hence the lovely cell phone picture above. It was SO cool to see the suns play in person, Shaq is MASSIVE by the way, and Nash is a stud. Oh yeah, and Kyle Korver is still as gorgeous as usual, I still secretly root for him to play really good, even if I want the Jazz to lose! Thanks, Grensings, for an awesome night!


The ORR Family said...

Not in our house! Get out Suns. Jazz for life. The take over my soul. Nice try.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad you got to go and everything worked out. See we just thought the BB fun was over in March.....HA....guess not. Lou is great. Glad you got to talk to him. We are looking forward to seeing him sometime soon and you too girlie.

Anonymous said...

who is dragic's girlfriend