Monday, March 23, 2009

SB 09

My spring break was fantastic. I did extend mine to a week and a half, on behalf of the Mtn. West Tournament, which kinda sucked but was still alright. Anyway, here is how I spent my Spring Break:
-Went to said tournament, watched the Rebs get their trash kicked by SDSU. Yuck, hated that. But, it was fun to watch BYU get beat in the 2nd round... so much for the UNLV Invitational, right? Come up with a new excuse losers.
-Ate lots and lots of In N Out
-Went to Gap with a friends and family discount and came out with lots and lots and lots of cute stuff
-Laid out in the 80 degree weather... heaven, really.
-Got a mole removed. You really wanted to know that, huh... cancer free is the way to be!
-Missed a dentist apt, whoops.
-WENT TO DISNEYLAND!! Me and my mom left on Sunday night, spent Monday at the park with the Bergquist-Armstrongs, and drove back after. It was SOOO fun. And cheap too, cuz we used season passes. I haven't been to D-land with little kids in a long time, so it was fun to hang out with Bryn and Tess and Jared, they are adorable. And the corn dogs are amazing, if you didn't already know that!

-Went dress shopping with my little engaged roomates and got really excited and really sad! I wish I could post pictures of the dresses but I would probably get shot... they are both gonna look gorgeous. Everyone should come.
-Went to TI & Friends!!! It was a blast. I've never felt so white in my life, but I loved it. TI is gangster and he's going to jail next week, so he talked alot about all his haters and it was SO entertaining! And, fun fact, he's so skinny and tiny. He probably comes up to my shoulder. We also talked our way onto the floor, and got a lot closer than our seats were. Janae, you would've been proud.

-Went to the $3.99 shoe store with mom and Boots and got some cute shoes
-Watched a ton of basketball, I LOOOOVE March Madness! I was sad to see Utah lose, but very happy to see BYU lose. Yes, I know they're in our conference and everything, but I absolutely cannot convince myself to root for them. Hatred in it's purest form. I was in first place in the office pool for a night, but then I lost two of my Sweet Sixteen teams and fell to like 15th. Dang. I have Louisville going all the way. It would be pretty ironic if they won, cuz beating them was the bright spot in an otherwise dismal season for UNLV.
-Pretty much just loved being home and doing nothing. It's the best.
Why can't every week be Spring Break? I wish.


Bobbi Leavitt said...

you were in cali and didnt call?

Melissa said...

you went to a t.i. concert? haha i love t.i.

Amy said...

ah. in n out. my mouth is watering. i'm so glad you had a fun spring break. but jealous i missed out on the gangster activities. you're looking as beautiful as always.

sadie bunker said...

T.I. is ghetto for sure. im glad you didn't want byu to win either. they suck. love the rebels. forever