Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mentals, Rappers, and March Madness

Here is my life lately:
-My bestest friend Sam (Sammy, Ham, Hambo, The Great Hambino, etc.) came to visit me this weekend! It was glorious. We pretty much just ate ourselves into a sugar coma, literally. Provo Bakery, CPK, Burger's Supreme, and of course the Drive Thru Gas Station- our one true love in life. I love my Hammy.
-While embarking on a drive late Saturday night, Brittany, Sam and I took a wrong turn and ended up on the campus of none other than the Utah State Mental Hospital. Creepy? Yes. Even creepier? While trying to find an exit, we got pulled over by the mental hospital po pos! Terrifying... we thought it was really a patient that killed the cop and stole his car. You can convince yourself of some crazy things when you're scared! But don't worry, no ticket, just a warning.
-We also went to this crazy party on Friday night, and there were these rappers that were putting on a show for everyone. They just LOVED Britt, kept pulling her on stage and trying to get all up on her. It was hysterical! I truly wish I had my camera to capture this moment- Brittany, in all her hot white girl glory, being attacked by a Provo-based rapper and his homies, which basically totals the population of black people in Utah County. It was one of my favorite moments ever.
-American Idol is finally good! I hate all the Hollywood week crap. And can I just say, poor little blind man... not my favorite. In fact, I firmly believe he wouldn't have even made it past Hollywood if he wasn't blind... yeah, I just said it. And why does everyone gotta have a sob story?
-I LOVE Matt, Kris and Lil. They are my favorites. Kris didn't do amazing tonight, but he is REAL nice to look at. And homeboy that did Black or White and the judges loved it... I wasn't crazy about. He wears WAY too much makeup. Do we know if he's straight? I can't tell.
-I discovered a new fabulous movie: Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Its SOOO good! Really... give it a chance. Uplifting and dramatic and hilarious all in one. What more could you ask for? And yes, I do have jungle fever, thank you.
-I wish I could rave about the Rebs, but we all know how that's going. I am super super SUPER nervous for the MWC tourny... we HAVE to win. Well, we probably don't HAVE to, but its always nice to spend Selection Sunday comfortably.
-Speaking of Selection Sunday... MARCH MADNESS IS ALMOST HERE! Hallelujah!!!! And this year, my spring break is during the first round... YAY! I don't have to ditch school/work to watch! It's like Christmas. I can't wait to fill out my brackets.
-My fam went to Disneyland without me last week. LAME.
-Can I tell you my excitement today when I went on iTunes and found new songs from Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, AND Keith Urban? It made my day! Sometimes I love country.
Well, that's all she wrote.... literally. I crack myself up. It's back to the homeland for me tomorrow, Holler at me Vegas!

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Elizabeth said...

Hey, do you have a copy of Diary of a Mad Black Woman? Someone gave it to us for a wedding gift...random, I know. Anyway, you can totally have it if you want!!