Monday, March 30, 2009

we ALMOST had it.

On Saturday night, me and Becca got to go to the Suns/Jazz game. It was amazing for a number of reasons. First, the wonderful Grensings hooked us up with some sweet tickets. They called Lou Amundson (my one true love, if you remember), who played for the Rebels a couple years ago and now plays for the Suns, and he left us a couple tickets at will call. We were about 15 rows up behind the basket. The game started off terrible, the suns couldn't hit a shot while the Jazz were making everything. Then, about halfway through the 3rd quarter, they actually showed up to play. After being down 21, we fought back and took the lead with about a minute to play. Too bad freakin Deron Williams hit a three and tied the game, sending it to overtime. The Jazz ended up going on a 9-2 run in OT to win, which sucked but it was SUCH a fun game. Jazz fans are crazy, they probably have the most commited fans in the NBA. We were sitting next to some interesting people. First, there was Goran Dragic's girlfriend. She was INSANE! Her and her friend would talk in russian to each other, but the second he touched the ball, she would scream at the top of her lungs and say "GO GORGY! I LOVE YOU!"... it was hysterical! So entertaining. Then the other girls next to us were talking about how they know all the Suns, but I still can't figure out how. I seriously think they were groupies, at least they were dressed like it. Little spaghetti straps that left all the goodies out, real classy,ya know? I overheard one of them telling about how she met Steve Nash one time and she asked what he did for a living. When he told her he played professional basketball, she was like, "ya right. No way."... Girl, how do you not know Steve Nash?? She was too much. Anyways, we got to go talk to Lou after the game and say thanks for the tickets. He was super nice. We were mad tho cuz both me and Bec forgot our cameras, hence the lovely cell phone picture above. It was SO cool to see the suns play in person, Shaq is MASSIVE by the way, and Nash is a stud. Oh yeah, and Kyle Korver is still as gorgeous as usual, I still secretly root for him to play really good, even if I want the Jazz to lose! Thanks, Grensings, for an awesome night!

Monday, March 23, 2009

SB 09

My spring break was fantastic. I did extend mine to a week and a half, on behalf of the Mtn. West Tournament, which kinda sucked but was still alright. Anyway, here is how I spent my Spring Break:
-Went to said tournament, watched the Rebs get their trash kicked by SDSU. Yuck, hated that. But, it was fun to watch BYU get beat in the 2nd round... so much for the UNLV Invitational, right? Come up with a new excuse losers.
-Ate lots and lots of In N Out
-Went to Gap with a friends and family discount and came out with lots and lots and lots of cute stuff
-Laid out in the 80 degree weather... heaven, really.
-Got a mole removed. You really wanted to know that, huh... cancer free is the way to be!
-Missed a dentist apt, whoops.
-WENT TO DISNEYLAND!! Me and my mom left on Sunday night, spent Monday at the park with the Bergquist-Armstrongs, and drove back after. It was SOOO fun. And cheap too, cuz we used season passes. I haven't been to D-land with little kids in a long time, so it was fun to hang out with Bryn and Tess and Jared, they are adorable. And the corn dogs are amazing, if you didn't already know that!

-Went dress shopping with my little engaged roomates and got really excited and really sad! I wish I could post pictures of the dresses but I would probably get shot... they are both gonna look gorgeous. Everyone should come.
-Went to TI & Friends!!! It was a blast. I've never felt so white in my life, but I loved it. TI is gangster and he's going to jail next week, so he talked alot about all his haters and it was SO entertaining! And, fun fact, he's so skinny and tiny. He probably comes up to my shoulder. We also talked our way onto the floor, and got a lot closer than our seats were. Janae, you would've been proud.

-Went to the $3.99 shoe store with mom and Boots and got some cute shoes
-Watched a ton of basketball, I LOOOOVE March Madness! I was sad to see Utah lose, but very happy to see BYU lose. Yes, I know they're in our conference and everything, but I absolutely cannot convince myself to root for them. Hatred in it's purest form. I was in first place in the office pool for a night, but then I lost two of my Sweet Sixteen teams and fell to like 15th. Dang. I have Louisville going all the way. It would be pretty ironic if they won, cuz beating them was the bright spot in an otherwise dismal season for UNLV.
-Pretty much just loved being home and doing nothing. It's the best.
Why can't every week be Spring Break? I wish.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

then there was one.

Jackie + Brandon Welling
Becca + Davis Mackay

My two most beautifulest, funniest, amazingest roomates got engaged this week! Oh my. I just don't even know what to think! I am SOOOOO happy for them, they found themselves some wonderful prince charmings and I must say, those guys are lucky to have convinced these girls to marry them. They truly are one in a million (how cheesy am I?). The selfish part of me wishes they would never ever leave me, so we could just keep living our fun single lives in our little Belmont crib. I just love Becca and Jackie... they are the greatest roomates, really. Becca always puts the dishes in the dishwasher, even when there is only like a fork or something in the sink, and she always wakes me up for church (9:30 AM should'nt be allowed in student wards). Jackie always reminds me when it's my turn to clean the bathroom and sometimes she even makes me sandwiches for lunch. My eyes are getting a little misty when I think about them leaving me! All by my lonesome. Oh well... at least I'll get some cute bridesmaid dresses out of all this. I guess it's good for something.
On another note, anyone wanna come live with me? Two empty rooms in our cutie apartment come summer...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Happy 11th Birthday to my baby sister Hannah, aka Bootstraps, Boots, Itty, Hannah Banana, etc. I can't believe she is this old!! I remember when she was born and I was worried because I heard my mom had to have a "sea suction" (or so I thought it was), and it sounded terrifying. Anyways, now she is almost in middle school! Crazy. Little Boots is the funniest, sassiest, most alert girl I know. We can hang out like she's my best girl friend. And even tho she says Jessi is her favorite sister, I know she loves me too!! LOVE YOU ITTY!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mentals, Rappers, and March Madness

Here is my life lately:
-My bestest friend Sam (Sammy, Ham, Hambo, The Great Hambino, etc.) came to visit me this weekend! It was glorious. We pretty much just ate ourselves into a sugar coma, literally. Provo Bakery, CPK, Burger's Supreme, and of course the Drive Thru Gas Station- our one true love in life. I love my Hammy.
-While embarking on a drive late Saturday night, Brittany, Sam and I took a wrong turn and ended up on the campus of none other than the Utah State Mental Hospital. Creepy? Yes. Even creepier? While trying to find an exit, we got pulled over by the mental hospital po pos! Terrifying... we thought it was really a patient that killed the cop and stole his car. You can convince yourself of some crazy things when you're scared! But don't worry, no ticket, just a warning.
-We also went to this crazy party on Friday night, and there were these rappers that were putting on a show for everyone. They just LOVED Britt, kept pulling her on stage and trying to get all up on her. It was hysterical! I truly wish I had my camera to capture this moment- Brittany, in all her hot white girl glory, being attacked by a Provo-based rapper and his homies, which basically totals the population of black people in Utah County. It was one of my favorite moments ever.
-American Idol is finally good! I hate all the Hollywood week crap. And can I just say, poor little blind man... not my favorite. In fact, I firmly believe he wouldn't have even made it past Hollywood if he wasn't blind... yeah, I just said it. And why does everyone gotta have a sob story?
-I LOVE Matt, Kris and Lil. They are my favorites. Kris didn't do amazing tonight, but he is REAL nice to look at. And homeboy that did Black or White and the judges loved it... I wasn't crazy about. He wears WAY too much makeup. Do we know if he's straight? I can't tell.
-I discovered a new fabulous movie: Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Its SOOO good! Really... give it a chance. Uplifting and dramatic and hilarious all in one. What more could you ask for? And yes, I do have jungle fever, thank you.
-I wish I could rave about the Rebs, but we all know how that's going. I am super super SUPER nervous for the MWC tourny... we HAVE to win. Well, we probably don't HAVE to, but its always nice to spend Selection Sunday comfortably.
-Speaking of Selection Sunday... MARCH MADNESS IS ALMOST HERE! Hallelujah!!!! And this year, my spring break is during the first round... YAY! I don't have to ditch school/work to watch! It's like Christmas. I can't wait to fill out my brackets.
-My fam went to Disneyland without me last week. LAME.
-Can I tell you my excitement today when I went on iTunes and found new songs from Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, AND Keith Urban? It made my day! Sometimes I love country.
Well, that's all she wrote.... literally. I crack myself up. It's back to the homeland for me tomorrow, Holler at me Vegas!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Or more really, watch out streets of Las Vegas!
The little baby boy in this picture...

...just passed his drivers test with 100%!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, YASE IS DRIVING!!

And no, that is not his car... thank goodness. Gotta start from the bottom Yay Bear! Congratulations, and BE CAREFUL!

Monday, March 2, 2009

a little cocktail action

This weekend I attended a cocktail party at Jackie's boyfriend's apartment. It was actually more like a mocktail party... just non-alcoholic beverages and a chance to dress up. How Provo of me, I know. Brandon's apartment is really cool, it's above a store on Center Street and it has this New York-lofty feel to it. There's even a hatch in each room that goes up to the roof... it's a really cool view, it was just freeeeeezing up there! Anyways, here are some fun pictures. Loved the mint mojitos, mingling and dancing. Cocktail parties are fun.