Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Park Citaaay

This past weekend I went to Park City to my friend's cabin and it was SUPER fun! The cabin was amazing... pretty much hotel status. Me, Jackie and Britt shared a room that had two massive beds, so we were very happy. Oh yeah, and the bathroom floors were heated! No waking up in the morning to cold tile. And the steam showers just make you want to shower all day. We went hot tubbing when it was about 15 degrees outside and the stars were all out... it was a gorgeous night and so fun! We walked around Main Street and wished we had lots of money to spend. There were so many cute boutiques and stuff, but everything was so expensive! And we also discovered the BIGGEST dogs I've ever seen... I think they were called Newfoundlands or something? Seriously, the size of a horse. I wanted to mount one and ride it down the road. I also had the pleasure of joining a band and setting out on a quest to score 300,000 points on a song. Don't worry, it only took us about 25 tries to finally succeed. Needless to say, I now despise the song "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Sunday we enjoyed the Super Bowl in the cabin's theater. Of course I had to sport my Tim Riggins jersey, as he is the most amazing football player/human being that never lived. Too bad the Cardinals lost... did I ever mention I hate the Steelers? At least Lenny's mom made some amazing friend chicken and roast and salad and nachos. Yeah, I gained 50 pounds that day. Anyways, twas a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the pics!

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Bobbi Leavitt said...

you and your friends are so pretty. I dont think I ever looked as good as you do! Makes me want to go back to the fun college days when I cared if my clothes were dirty or not ;)