Tuesday, February 24, 2009

should I be worried?

So I was looking at this picture.

Sadie Hawkins 2005... what a great time in life. Except for that fact that I took a really really attractive guy... who turned out to be a total loser. What's new. That's not the point. The point is, this lovely photograph was taken 3 years ago. Doesn't seem like such a long time to me. However, as I was pondering this pic, it hit me... Out of 23 girls, representing my core group of HS ladies, 7 are married. 5 are engaged. Coming to a grand total of 12. That's right, a little over three years and more than half of this bunch are hitched! CRAZY. Welcome to Mormon/Provo culture.
Here's the thing. I love that all my friends are so happy and in love and what not but... I'm 20 years old. 20!! I have High School Musical marathons with Boots when I'm home. I leave my dishes in the sink. My clean laundry is currently sitting in a heap on my floor. The only thing I can cook to perfection are the chocolate chip cookies on the back of the chocolate chip bag, and believe me, that took me YEARS to perfect! Point being... I'm not a wife. Not even close. So although I'm jealous of the wedded bliss, I kinda hope that the guy upstairs gives me a little more time to domesticate myself before he brings Mr. Right along. I'm just a baby!
Mad props to all you young wifeys out there. Teach me how someday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I went on a little vacation this weekend. Where, you ask? Well, let me just show you.
This is where I went

And this is how I got there...

Pretty amazing, right? I was lucky enough to be invited to spend President's Day weekend in beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico. My friend Courtney has an amazing house down there, and her dad had room on the plane to bring some friends down. It was pretty much the perfect weekend... We left early Saturday morning and arrived to a perfect day. About 80 degrees, cloudless and beautiful. We spent our time lounging in the pool, riding jetskis, boogie boarding, and just laying out on the private beach. It's truly paradise down there! They have this bed right on the beach that is the perfect reading/napping spot... I was in heaven. We left Utah in the middle of a blizzard, so it made being on the beach THAT much sweeter. Oh yeah, and they have these people at the house that just bring you all this amazing food. Smoothies, steak and chicken quesadillas, chips with fresh salsa and guacamole, and chocolate shakes. You ask for it, they make it. Did I mention that I was in HEAVEN? And to have some of my best friends there just capped it off. So much fun... I mean, who just jets off (literally) to Mexico for the weekend? I DO! Holler. Here are some pics from my incredible weekend. I love my life!

P.S. Yes mom, I did use sunscreen.
P.P.S. Mexico has the best french toast. Mmmm.
P.P.P.S. I just realized this is a lot of pictures. Whoops... enjoy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

I miss...

...this trip desperately. Australia was good to me. What do I miss, you ask? Well...
This gorgeous place

Adventures in the harbour (yes, I use the Aussie spelling these days)

Exploring the grounds of a school that costs all four years of my tuition to attend for a year

Delicious steak dinners with this view

Of course I miss me some bridge climb!

Randomly running into the Brisbane temple

Tender moments with the Roos

The amazingly blue water of the Great Barrier Reef (I really wish I had the pictures from scuba diving... they are hysterical)

I watched our bungy video yesterday and almost cried again! Oh man... that was insane. I really wish I could post the video but the way I freak out is borderline embarrassing. Oh well... I still did it!

But most of all, I miss these girls... my Rebel family. Jessi, Kori, Aubrey, Gentry, Bekah... I can't wait to see you guys again in a couple weeks! And we need another MK & A night. Pronto. Afterall... AVERY'S DAD OWNS THE PLACE!

I'm craving another adventure. Anyone down for this summer?

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Please allow me to rant for two seconds.
How can you lose two overtime games IN A ROW?! One at home, no less. Dearest Rebels, you had the chance to sit atop the mountain with a home win over SDSU, and you didn't capitalize on that. Okay, we can get over that, since we do still have that great BYU road win under our belts. Just make like the Beatles, let it be. Move on. Now, in what's basically a must-win game in The (arm)Pit at New Mexico, you NEED to bring your A-game. But wait! We decide to tease everyone by leading basically the whole game, letting Danridge have the second half of his freakin life and then hand it to the Lobos, once again in overtime. Tre, must you insist on stepping out when we're down 2 with 5 seconds left? REALLY, TRE?! Come on. You know I love you, but it's crunch time. Rebs straight CHOKED, BYU style. It would've been great to steal a win at the pit, and I understand it's a tough place to play. I went there a few years ago, and it's pretty much all drunk rednecks yelling at nothing, led by the creepy tattooed guy that sits in the front tow. It's loud and it's tough, but we HAD it. Multiple times. UUUUGGGGHHHH. I will always and forever be loyal to my Rebs, but this one hurts. Note to MWC media and coaches: DON'T VOTE UNLV AS THE PRESEASON FAVORITES. Actually, if you hate us, you probably want to. The Rebels thrive in the underdog position... see the Sweet Sixteen season (picked to finish 6th), last season (picked 2nd, I believe), and this year's wins at Louisville and in Provo. But make us the favorite and we stumble. Thank Heavens the tournament is on our court, even though this year, with home losses to Cal, Cincy and SDSU, it doesn't mean as much as it once did. But still. They don't call it a home court advantage for nothing. 3 days in March is what we need. Just three solid, hard fought days and we'll get a shot at the NCAAs. I'm worried. You never know what you're gonna get with this team... frustrating as... you know.

That is all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Park Citaaay

This past weekend I went to Park City to my friend's cabin and it was SUPER fun! The cabin was amazing... pretty much hotel status. Me, Jackie and Britt shared a room that had two massive beds, so we were very happy. Oh yeah, and the bathroom floors were heated! No waking up in the morning to cold tile. And the steam showers just make you want to shower all day. We went hot tubbing when it was about 15 degrees outside and the stars were all out... it was a gorgeous night and so fun! We walked around Main Street and wished we had lots of money to spend. There were so many cute boutiques and stuff, but everything was so expensive! And we also discovered the BIGGEST dogs I've ever seen... I think they were called Newfoundlands or something? Seriously, the size of a horse. I wanted to mount one and ride it down the road. I also had the pleasure of joining a band and setting out on a quest to score 300,000 points on a song. Don't worry, it only took us about 25 tries to finally succeed. Needless to say, I now despise the song "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Sunday we enjoyed the Super Bowl in the cabin's theater. Of course I had to sport my Tim Riggins jersey, as he is the most amazing football player/human being that never lived. Too bad the Cardinals lost... did I ever mention I hate the Steelers? At least Lenny's mom made some amazing friend chicken and roast and salad and nachos. Yeah, I gained 50 pounds that day. Anyways, twas a fabulous weekend. Enjoy the pics!

Team Tagged.

I was tagged by both Amy and Rachi so I suppose I should do this shiz... good karma or something. So here's six random things about me.

1. People fascinate me. I can get caught on the computer for hours just blog stalking people I don't even know because I find their lives captivating! Not in a creepy way, I just like to know what people do and what makes them tick. I also like to search celebs on Wikipedia and know about their lives before they were famous... it helps me determine better whether or not I like them.

2. I absolutely despise voicemail. I never listen to messages, unless they are from a number I don't know. Thank heavens for the visual voicemail on the iphone. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone just leaves a "Hey, call me back" message... so pointless! I see that you called, and I will call you back if I want to talk to you! Or just text me, and you'll get an automatic response. I pretty much just hate talking on the phone.

3. In my perfect world, I would be a courtside reporter for ESPN. I seriously envy Erin Andrews... I just want to be her. And the lady that interviewed Kevin Garnett during the whole "Anything Is Possible" scene... I get chills just thinking about it! Too bad I just can't skip this whole college thing and just go straight there.

4. I live and die by my Rebels. What's new? But really, if they win, my day is fantastic. If they lose, my whole day is ruined and I'm in a bad mood for the rest of the day. And I hate it when people bring up the whole paying players thing of the Tark days... no proof. It makes me mad. Why can't we just be good and thats it? Oh yes, and I think all rebs are automatic SG's. If you don't know what that is... it's a good thing.

5. I get addicted to tv shows and secretly wish they were real! Like I never want One Tree Hill to end because I want to follow their lives for forever! And Friday Night Lights is amazing and I just sometimes want to move to Dillon and attack Tim Riggins or something. And then I get done with these shows and realize they are fake and I get sad... I guess it goes back to the whole people fascination thing. Oh yeah, and Grey's Anatomy ALWAYS makes me want to be a surgeon! I think I can handle it, and then I'll watch some reality surgery show and get nauseous watching.

6. I love love LOVE pictures... I could look at them for hours. Sometimes at night if I can't sleep I'll just watch my screensaver for forever until I get tired again! I can't imagine not having pictures of the things I've done. They bring back so many memories that I would've forgotten otherwise! And I wish I was a pro photographer, like my Aunt Janae or something. Then I could take really good candids of people instead of crappy ones.

I suppose I will tag Jack, Kadee, Shaylee, Hay Hay and whoever else wants to do it. But don't worry, I won't be offended if you don't... it's just good karma :)